A wingwoman for the shy man…..well fuck me!

Found this in the paper today….

This “Wingwoman” is paid $60 an hour to advise and setup shy and “lacking in confidence” men with women at clubs/bars in Melbourne town.

So this is where we have evolved to eh?

Nothing has changed in the 15 or so years since I was on the scene getting knock-back after fucking knock-back from women who obviously wanted someone to sweep them off their feet/sweet talk their panties off them, which unfortunately I didn’t have a clue how to do.

I feel for men such as those mentioned in the article and if I could would shake their hands for continually getting up after being knocked down by women.  It ain’t bloody easy being a man sometimes.

This is why we need education about sexuality.  We must get women involved in this process instead of just standing around in bars done up to the nines waiting for the next bloke to hit them up.  Women must develop the confidence necessary to approach men, and men must know that it can happen and be ready for it.

Parents on the whole aren’t capable of giving of the knowledge needed to navigate the dating minefield and your mate standing next to you going phwoooar, get a load of that will you….well, he is just like you and hasn’t a clue either.

There are so many areas of sexuality we could improve with education.  Why do we continue the approach of just fumbling around in the dark or in this case allowing the market into a realm that it should have absolutely no say in?



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