Sex – An Unnatural History

Hey…a quick post for you all today.
Finally pulled the finger out and watched this show via YouTube which I didn’t watch when it first aired but I really wanted too.

Julia Zemiro and SBS have produced an excellent series and I am sure after taking a look at the above mentioned link you too will agree.

I especially enjoyed the show on the church/religion IRT how completely blinkered they are and the few suggestions on how maybe they might adapt and change with the times…but I am not however holding my breath!

Julia is an excellent presenter as can be witnessed again on Rockwiz, another SBS program that has had some absolutely amazing musical duets over the years.  If you havent watched any shows please check them out.

And that is all for this little post.

Watching Sex- An Unnatural History made me realise that this time I am in where I get frustrated by issues will pass and sex will once again evolve to wherever it is truly headed and nothing, nada, zilch we do singularly will change that fact.

We must act collectively.  Sex Education for all.


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