Male masturbation…my big hit?

Ah,…can somebody please tell me why my post on male masturbation is the big hit on my blog?

What is up with that?

Seriously, I just crapped on about how I masturbate, positions of the fingers etc.

Surely there is plenty of information out there on male masturbation?

In fact, I know there is because I have searched this a while back and it led me to all sorts of sites professing knowledge on the “dark art” as some religious and other conservative types would have you believe is spanking the monkey.

Every week that post is up there in the ratings of the site. Is it gay males getting off or women who like that sort of explanatory language or young men seeking answers?

Happy New Year.


Male magazines…

I found this gem from the ever reliable anti-porn and anti-prostitution campaigner Dr Caroline Norma on Twitter the other day.

Go on, have a read and make up your own mind.

Then, there is this link where the obvious conservative prude MP Claire Curtis-Thomas is quite happy with herself and the power she has wielded…? (as an aside I am quite wary of statistics where they are a number but the amount of people surveyed is not given, nor where they come from, family voting background etc etc…100% of girls my arse!)

For me I am sad that we as a society cant embrace our sexuality even now in 2011 and must resort to locking it away behind covers etc etc.

Cant anyone see that the Church tried this, albeit a different tack for umpteen years and it hasn’t worked?

You cant lock sex down like some wild beast and expect it to stay there. People will find a way to express their sexuality and it is this attitude precisely that I would argue creates a lot of the issues with sexuality such as rape and sexual assault and the list goes on.

The lack of sexual communication.

It starts with parents whom are too ashamed to teach their kids about sex and or teach them “their” take on it which as I have said previously could be fucking anything???

Why cant we just educate kids at school about all this type of stuff. Wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier? At least that way they would know the where societies head is at IRT a particular genre of sexuality and thus could make up their own mind to either be responsible or suffer the consequences.

I just don’t get the conservative approach to life…?

For mine it is fucked up.



Updated July 2019.

Originally posted December 2011.

I didn’t really want to write anything about this side of sexuality but in order to progress towards some sort of meaningful balance on this blog I think I need to lay down an opinion on what I consider a very odd form of sexual behaviour.

Generally speaking it seems to be an older Man thing.

Well, that is the stereotype that I have witnessed in this lifetime but we wouldn’t be human if there werent younger men and occasionally a woman or two who have a stash of young male/female pornography that gets them off.

I must admit to pretty much ignoring it for the most part of my life with the exception of when a really disgusting case was plastered across the media and also when that young ABC presenter was charged with possessing child pornography.

It is yet another fine example of the 101 flavours of sexuality that permeate the human condition.

As for what we do about it as a society?

The defensive approach we currently employ and have employed over time works but it just keeps it hidden away ensuring we throw inenemerable policing resources at it in an effort to contain it to as smaller part of our society as possible.

Then we have the newer approach, a byproduct of the internet age which is attempting to find and identify people who engage in this sort of sexual behaviour using the internet as their chosen method of communication.

This partially semi-offensive approach as I will call it is where law enforcement agencies monitor some internet traffic using I gather advanced packet sniffers to try to locate these networks and then interact and try to build a case to shut them down and hopefully prosecute said offenders.

And that unfortunately is about the best solution we have available at this point in time that I know of anyway.

In looking ahead, is there any light on the horizon in regards to this dark side of sexuality?

From where I sit writing this now I am of the opinion that we will eventually shine the light on paedophillia.

It may take some time but I think (eventually) discussion must occur about this side of our sexual selves and from that discussion we may actually find a way to look at it differently and maybe we will find the solution.

One great hope is the slow and steady rise of female sexuality and its normalisation within society.

My Twitter feed daily throws up numerous articles on sexuality and in these discussions I hope the stigma will die away leaving the subject bare and ripe to be tossed around in our minds.

A good example of this is the current debate on same-sex marriage.

Education as I crap on about regularly would help us with this difficult subject to.

This is just another module that could be included in a well laid out subject curriculum that might help the time come that we can be better on this subject one day.

And that folks is my brief take on paedophillia.

Keep talking and keep loving.


Feminism. As I See It.

There has been a lot said in the last 6 months on this subject. At least that is what I think anyway but do factor in that I really didn’t give a toss about the subject for the previous 39.5 years primarily because it was never spoken about by men whom I hung with, with the exception of the “burning their bra’s” shit-stir that I heard every once in a while.

This is the way my mind see’s things currently.

In Australia there is the overall large majority of women, lets say 65% whom are happy to discuss some feminist issues with their friends at the local coffee shop/girlfriends place after they have dropped the kids off at school possibly but not with the males in their lives or other men generally.

Case in point…dinner the other night with one of the girly’s friends where I dropped the subject of feminism repeatedly over an hour and didn’t get a bite…not one comment on this massive subject!

Then there is possibly another 30% of women whom are sitting on the fence in regards to feminism and where it might be headed and possibly discuss the subject?

Then there is the agitators…the 5% like in my case Megane Murphy, Dr Caroline Norma, Dr Megan Tyler and many many others. These women put their opinions out there for everybody to see, but not everybody because you still have to search for it to find this information and even then nothing is guaranteed.

I am fortunate in that I found these women via links on Twitter and thought their opinions were interesting and thus now have a fairly solid feminist network that I follow and keep tabs on just to see what they are talking about on any given day.

Where do I stand on feminism. As I said, I am fairly new to the concept but I agree with a lot (65%) of what is being said.

I agree that wages should be exactly the same for a day worked. I agree that we need to get more women into business but that will come as young women are from what I read aceing young men in the classrooms of Australia as a rule.

I want to see women be able to walk the streets at night without fear of an attack from some crazed bloke. I want to see men educated better about their sexuality thus that they don’t resort to rape or sexual assault and ruin a woman’s confidence/life possibly.

I don’t agree with those women however who feel that getting rid of prostitution will cease and desist the problem of violence against women, because it wont. The only thing that is going to cancel out this is education and the long term modification of society and how it values women.

Similarly, the subject matter posed by quite a few fem-bots is that prostitution is degrading and should be shut down.

I went down this road for a while and got hammered on by a few sex workers that I follow on Twitter because they obviously enjoy their job and are happy doing it. I read their replies and modified my opinion and that is why I choose now to support the education of men as a long term solution.

You will always need the law in this regard too. Whilst education will cut away a lot of the problem children it wont cancel out the equation totally.

Similarly, pornography. Those who suggest that making porn unavailable will stop the sexualisation of girls or any other number of issues is talking out of their arse. Pornography is here to stay, has been for many years and will be for many years to come. Get used to it.

EDUCATION + TIME + DISCUSSION is the only way we are going to solve these problems.

Children need to know the guidelines. Taught by excellent teachers whom are passionate about sending as many kids out into the world as is humanly possible who have an understanding of sexuality and how it affects THEMSELVES and also OTHERS.

You could cover off so much stuff over a period of a few years…it is mind blowing to think of what could be tied into a sound and well organised curriculum.

In regards to men. We are changing. Everyday we take steps towards becoming better but it is going to take time and that is why even though I get angry at times in regards to certain fem-bot articles and their seemingly militant viewpoints I understand that this pressure is required if we are to continue to make change.

Having said this I will always crap on about sexual education. I see it as being just as important as Calculus, Chemistry and Languages.

This is where I want to see some of that feminist energy directed. This energy might help some of that 30% to get off their arses and start agitating just like the minority. The flow on effect might then reach all those mum’s who are pretty happy with their lot in life because that is how they were taught to behave by their mothers whom it could be argued were possibly subjugated a fair bit in how they lived their lives.

And in saying that, there is nothing wrong with that choice but if we are ever to genuinely reach a point of equality amongst the sexes some of these women have to join the fight and stand up to the long held view that being a loyal mother and husband is the only way to make it as a woman in this world.

All in all though, this post is a work in progress. I intend to update it every 6 months or so and thus don’t judge me. Comment yes, but don’t judge because it is only early days for me in my education about women and how they live in a largely patriarchal society.

Lets talk on this and refine our opinions and move forward together to a better world for men and women both.



A real quick one from normblogCan Men and Women be just friends?

Well, can we?

The edited video linked above definately tries to make the point that women think of friendships with men in a totally different way primarily.  And I would argue that this is a fairly honest representation of how a lot of men think.

In my own experience pretty much every woman I have ever got close to as a friend I have fantasised about at some time or another…but that is just me…?

I think it does happen, ie: platonic friendships, but I would argue that if we could have the complete truth an awful lot of men in this position would have thought something sexual about his female friend(s).

Is that a bad thing….probably not.  But it is just another for the “repressed male feelings” category me thinks.


p.s. I can only speak for my experience as a male in this regard and even then I cant speak for all men.  As for women, they aren’t on their “pat malone” IRT friendships with a sexual tone…they have sexual feelings for friends too I gather but I would argue and here I am totally talking out of my arse (as I do so very well!!!) that the percentages of situations such as this are possibly less than males with female friends and that is primarily due to biology.

p.p.s Your thoughts?

A wingwoman for the shy man…..well fuck me!

Found this in the paper today….

This “Wingwoman” is paid $60 an hour to advise and setup shy and “lacking in confidence” men with women at clubs/bars in Melbourne town.

So this is where we have evolved to eh?

Nothing has changed in the 15 or so years since I was on the scene getting knock-back after fucking knock-back from women who obviously wanted someone to sweep them off their feet/sweet talk their panties off them, which unfortunately I didn’t have a clue how to do.

I feel for men such as those mentioned in the article and if I could would shake their hands for continually getting up after being knocked down by women.  It ain’t bloody easy being a man sometimes.

This is why we need education about sexuality.  We must get women involved in this process instead of just standing around in bars done up to the nines waiting for the next bloke to hit them up.  Women must develop the confidence necessary to approach men, and men must know that it can happen and be ready for it.

Parents on the whole aren’t capable of giving of the knowledge needed to navigate the dating minefield and your mate standing next to you going phwoooar, get a load of that will you….well, he is just like you and hasn’t a clue either.

There are so many areas of sexuality we could improve with education.  Why do we continue the approach of just fumbling around in the dark or in this case allowing the market into a realm that it should have absolutely no say in?



Sex – An Unnatural History

Hey…a quick post for you all today.
Finally pulled the finger out and watched this show via YouTube which I didn’t watch when it first aired but I really wanted too.

Julia Zemiro and SBS have produced an excellent series and I am sure after taking a look at the above mentioned link you too will agree.

I especially enjoyed the show on the church/religion IRT how completely blinkered they are and the few suggestions on how maybe they might adapt and change with the times…but I am not however holding my breath!

Julia is an excellent presenter as can be witnessed again on Rockwiz, another SBS program that has had some absolutely amazing musical duets over the years.  If you havent watched any shows please check them out.

And that is all for this little post.

Watching Sex- An Unnatural History made me realise that this time I am in where I get frustrated by issues will pass and sex will once again evolve to wherever it is truly headed and nothing, nada, zilch we do singularly will change that fact.

We must act collectively.  Sex Education for all.