Today I took a look at a website that I found via one of the people I follow on Twitter.

It is called PassionateU and it is purpose is to educate one and all about the many and varied forms of human sexuality via video segments/blogs.

Yes, it is an American thing but the information is as you can imagine when it comes to the human body pretty much across the board.

There is 261 video blogs on the site currently if I remember correctly and more are coming.  There is a massive amount of subjects covered…fisting, anal, strap-on’s and the list goes on…

Really great presenters such as Dr Ruth Neustifter, Reid Mikhalko and many more are present so you get information from people who know what they are talking about.

I am fortunate in that I was given a trial account to explore the site which I started on today but all things considered the prices you will pay for the content you will receive are excellent.  There are an excellent array of options both recurring and non-recurring so that you as a consumer can get exactly what you want.  This is something that has pretty much always been the determining factor for mine in subscribing to for example: a porn site.  I hate recurring/automatic subscriptions!

So, what did I watch today.  Firstly, I took a look at Male masturbation – positions and techniques by Dr Ruthie which was really well done and covered an awful lot in 8 minutes.  I thought I knew a fair bit about spanking the monkey but as I found out there is a whole world of possibilities out there and the stuff IRT your legs and blood flow was really interesting.

Then I took a look at Lubes and Lubrication by Megan Andelloux which again was great viewing and offered some really good information.  A few of the brands you probably wont find in Australia, and especially so in Coles or Woolworths or for that matter your local pharmacy as I went looking and could only find bloody KY, Ansell shite and one other brand that didn’t do much for me.  Coles actually had a better range than my chemist?

Yes, the supermarket/pharmacy items will cut the mustard if you are desperate for some water based lube for a quickie but if you have the time to go looking I highly recommend this website

They have a great range of products and IRT lubrication cover a lot of organic, vegan and every other possible alternative of lube out there.  They like companies that are environmentally friendly and they have a couple of International shipping options too which is handy.

Anyway, back to PassionateU.  This is genuinely a great resource for anyone seeking to access information in the privacy of your home or anywhere now really with the onwards march of smartphones if it has anything to do with sexuality.

Would be an even better resource for Australians if we had an across the board sex ed curriculum in school as a primer…had to get that dig in!

Highly recommended.  After my trial is done with I can see a non-recurring subscription in my future to keep up with the latest video tuition being posted.


PassionateU's banner

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