Mr BROKEN effing record again….

This article by Tracy Clark-Flory is yet another good one on our collective sexuality and how we as a society are so fucking close minded in regards it.  She uses porn as the main argument but the underlying context is all about our sexuality, well, that is how I read it anyway.

She interviews one of my female heroes in Cindy Gallop from Make Love Not Porn whom I have rattled on about here and on a few other random posts.

Why are people so bloody secretive about sex?

This morning I also lamented on the lack of male sex bloggers in Australia…was feeling a little bit lonely and wanted to read of other men’s experiences in regards to sex, but there isn’t many around.  In fact I know of only two.  Yes, there are a few gay bloggers and that is cool, each to their own but what I want to see is straight men talking about sex.

I would argue that currently the ratio is 25:1 (female to male) bloggers on about sex in this country, and that might be conservative!

I will end this post by stating that what I want to see is a push by a political party in introducing a bill regards comprehensive sexual education just as Barbara Lee has done in the US congress here

Vote with your feet people and start giving a shit about our sexuality.  It drives so many things in our society and any considered and well researched forward movement can only do good for all of us.




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