The guy in the wheelchair….

Hi all,

Having a look at this post again after 8 or so years that it’s been out in the wild and 12+ years since the event.

With a few more years under the belt, lets see what gets updated if anything.


A few years back I was visiting a brothel in Funky-town which is no longer there anymore and as I was waiting at the door to be let in a young man in a motorised wheelchair drove up and waited with me.

I looked his way briefly (as we all do unconciously) and wondered for a few seconds what he wanted.

Can you believe that?

The door opened then and we were allowed to go through into the lounge and I didn’t think anymore on it.

Until I decided to write this post.

Thinking on it now, all as that young man wanted was exactly what I wanted…to orgasm and or be with a woman for some brief respite from the world.

Unfortunately for him it wasn’t going to be as easy as it was for me and as I write this I think back in wonder at my ignorance of disabled people and their sexuality at that time.

I don’t consider myself completely blinkered but on this occasion I was and to that young man wherever you are now I apologise.

To the sex workers who used to look after him and may still do?

You are truly wonderful human beings and I think you should be (if indeed we didn’t live in such a closed minded society regards sex) the people who get nominated for Australia Day medallions.

Yes, it is your job and your choice but that you offer your bodies to look after all types of men’s wants and needs means a lot to me now that I have been with a number of you and can understand a little of how life must be for you.

To end this with a little positivity….

I live in hope one day that we will get to a point where discrimination of the disabled is finally driven out of people’s minds and they are accepted in society to work alongside able-bodied people, receive the same remuneration and generally just be accepted for whom they are….fellow human beings.


Post script: It didn’t need much. And I am pretty proud that I wrote this back then.

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