Sex addiction….hmmm?

Update, March 2020.

Just read through this after noticing someone had read this skanky old post recently.

It was bought across from my first site, one where I waxed crappingly about sex and my utter woe with it generally.

Its not a bad post, but one I am going to spit & polish after writing this header.

Anyway, that’s me. Enjoy.


Hi all (2011),

Well y’all, I am off the drugs, that being the anti-depressants and hey presto I have my mojo back…YAY!

But with every action comes an equal and opposite reaction, so here I am back at square one with a shitload of sex-drive and only Mrs Palmer and her five daughters to support me!

The girly understands and she cant do anymore and thus I got to wondering.

Is there really other men out there like me who have a VERY healthy sex drive…surely there is?

Or am I just full of shit and a SEX ADDICT? What even is a sex addict? #forrealz

Wikipedia has a page on Sexual Addiction!

It’s an actual thing #forrealz

Here’s a rough summation of points from the page.

Behaviors associated with sexual addiction include:

  • Compulsive masturbation (self-stimulation) – This is SO me!
    • Multiple affairs (extra-marital affairs) – not married but would love to get amongst it with a married women or two. Thankfully, this is where I do have a stopping point and furthermore I respect women and their choices.
      • Multiple or anonymous sexual partners and/or one-night stands – Too shy. Wouldn’t know what it was like to have multiple partners and or one-night stands.
        • Consistent use of pornography – Just as Sting sung about the king of pain, I am the KING of Porn…!
          • Unsafe sex – nothing beats a la natural, But…I don’t want rug-rats. Jimmy it up!
            • Phone or computer sex (cybersex) – phone-sex bores the shit out of me and as for cybersex…ask me that again in 50 years…oh wait, I will be dead, oh well.
              • Prostitution – yeah, been there, done that and to be honest, apart from maybe one or two out of probably 20 sex workers, I have gotten more feeling out of my Fleshlight!
                • Exhibitionism – did that once and have thought briefly about nudist beaches. But I value my skin.
                  • Obsessive dating through personal ads – AMM, RedHotPie, Oasis…what a joke they all are. Don’t do that crap anymore.
                    • Voyeurism (watching others) and or flashing. If I came upon two people having sex in a park in the bush, I would watch quietly and respectfully…as for flashing. You have got to be kidding don’t you?
                      • Molestation/Rape/Sexual Harassment – Sex is meant to be about pleasure. Full stop.

                      I am no addict. Just another healthy male looking for my opposite healthy female who loves to get naked and fuck.

                      Life…what a magical mystery tour.



                      p.s. Seriously though, this IS an issue.

                      Men and women are head fucked every day by something that none of us should carry baggage over.


                      4 thoughts on “Sex addiction….hmmm?

                      1. Those are just behaviours and for me the nature of any addiction (including sex) is more adequately defined by when and how you engage the behaviours.

                        Buddhists use a phrase “going for refuge”. In terms of that philosophy that’s about finding meaning of life through the study, practice and community around that belief structure (Buddha, Darma, Sangha. But they also talk of how in the West we tend to go for (false) refuge in food, sex, television viewing, gambling, drugs etc.

                        When any habit or substance numbs our feelings and we then use these habits/substances to block out our feeling (boredom, loneliness, anger…) it’s a form of narcosis. So if you find you “go for refuge” in sex, to block out other feelings..then in my book it ticks some boxes for addiction.


                        1. Hmmm…food for thought? Anti-depressants for me were very subtle. I think back to the time when I was dosed up on 300mg’s of AD’s and 7.5mg’s of AS’s and I wonder…was I any different…? I think on the whole just the edginess of life was dulled down thus that I never FELT emotions like I do now. Am just glad to be off the shit and be happy with my lot in life. Here’s to never going back down to the dungeons….


                          1. Hmmm…going for refuge eh? I think you are onto something and I will engage you on this further IDC. Watch your inbox please…


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