Sex workers and the future…?

Nov 2019 – needs an update.

For the record – I am not a sex-worker. I am just a bloke with opinions on human sexuality who has been to brothels over the years.

I don’t know any sex-workers and have never had the opportunity to sit down with them and discuss their job and what makes them do it.

That said though, I am genuinely interested in the profession and what drives women to do it.

The link above is another Age article penned by Michelle Griffin and talks about an organisation called RhED which is supporting street and brothel based sex workers to build something slowly that might enable them to leave the industry if indeed that is what they desire.

I am going to start with street sex-work.

I don’t like it full stop. When I used to drive a taxi I would occasionally need to drop a client in St Kilda and you would always see a couple women in their skimpy outfits looking for work on Fitzroy Street.

It used to shit me that women had to do this to earn a dollar and I just wanted so much to stop and pick them up and take them someplace safe and give them all the opportunities that a lot of other women have.

But that is just idealist me crapping on again.

This is why I would if I could financially support an organisation such as RhED.

At the very least I would be comfortable knowing that I was doing something that had the ability to change someones life. No woman should have to do this to earn money to eat and live in 2011.

As for other sex-work…I understand why women do it and for the most part that is because it pays alright and the hours are fairly flexible.

That is completely cool and on that I was amazed to find out only a month ago that prostitution is illegal in South Australia…WTF?

I guess though I just want women to be able to choose what they want in this life just like most men can and that is why I am big on equality. If they want to be a sex-worker then so be it. They should be given support maybe in the form of a contact who might check in on them from time to time to see if everything is OK. There could be the RhED thing with further education etc if they choose and other stuff like support and representation if they find themselves working for a complete cunt of a boss be that male or female.

Imagine a society where sex wasn’t such a fucking taboo issue and young women if they wanted could be career sex workers…sounds bizarre but it might work. Men are always going to be horny bastards and a lot of “normal” women are always complaining about how they cant keep up with porn and blah blah blah. Maybe instead of being checkout chicks young women could get into healthy sex work…food for thought?

That is the way forward because we wont get rid of prostitution in society ever. Maybe also the government could set up a program where brothels were checked on an regular basis for cleanliness and that the staff were OK etc. I am sure there is this sort of thing but I gather it isn’t funded very well and brothels are free to do whatever they wish for the most part, case in point the article this morning about the young Jewish man who was bashed to death for allegedly uncovering a trade in Asian women whom were forced into prostitution.

Then there is the story which I posted about here A brothel that set up a scheme whereby men could have unprotected sex for a few dollars more…that is fucked up!

I am going to leave this post here and maybe revisit it at a later stage?

In fact, I am going to post on the subject briefly again soon regards an article by Caroline Norma and the Swedish model…TBC

Whatever happens, if you are a sex-worker, be safe and if you are a man who visits them….treat them well, wear a fucking condom and tip them because they are amazing women.


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