Sex addiction….hmmm?

Update, March 2020.

Just read through this after noticing someone had read this skanky old post recently.

It was bought across from my first site, one where I waxed crappingly about sex and my utter woe with it generally.

Its not a bad post, but one I am going to spit & polish after writing this header.

Anyway, that’s me. Enjoy.


Hi all (2011),

Well y’all, I am off the drugs, that being the anti-depressants and hey presto I have my mojo back…YAY!

But with every action comes an equal and opposite reaction, so here I am back at square one with a shitload of sex-drive and only Mrs Palmer and her five daughters to support me!

The girly understands and she cant do anymore and thus I got to wondering.

Is there really other men out there like me who have a VERY healthy sex drive…surely there is?

Or am I just full of shit and a SEX ADDICT? What even is a sex addict? #forrealz

Wikipedia has a page on Sexual Addiction!

It’s an actual thing #forrealz

Here’s a rough summation of points from the page.

Behaviors associated with sexual addiction include:

  • Compulsive masturbation (self-stimulation) – This is SO me!
    • Multiple affairs (extra-marital affairs) – not married but would love to get amongst it with a married women or two. Thankfully, this is where I do have a stopping point and furthermore I respect women and their choices.
      • Multiple or anonymous sexual partners and/or one-night stands – Too shy. Wouldn’t know what it was like to have multiple partners and or one-night stands.
        • Consistent use of pornography – Just as Sting sung about the king of pain, I am the KING of Porn…!
          • Unsafe sex – nothing beats a la natural, But…I don’t want rug-rats. Jimmy it up!
            • Phone or computer sex (cybersex) – phone-sex bores the shit out of me and as for cybersex…ask me that again in 50 years…oh wait, I will be dead, oh well.
              • Prostitution – yeah, been there, done that and to be honest, apart from maybe one or two out of probably 20 sex workers, I have gotten more feeling out of my Fleshlight!
                • Exhibitionism – did that once and have thought briefly about nudist beaches. But I value my skin.
                  • Obsessive dating through personal ads – AMM, RedHotPie, Oasis…what a joke they all are. Don’t do that crap anymore.
                    • Voyeurism (watching others) and or flashing. If I came upon two people having sex in a park in the bush, I would watch quietly and respectfully…as for flashing. You have got to be kidding don’t you?
                      • Molestation/Rape/Sexual Harassment – Sex is meant to be about pleasure. Full stop.

                      I am no addict. Just another healthy male looking for my opposite healthy female who loves to get naked and fuck.

                      Life…what a magical mystery tour.



                      p.s. Seriously though, this IS an issue.

                      Men and women are head fucked every day by something that none of us should carry baggage over.


                      Pornography for the ladies….

                      Ok…thought this one up at work on Friday, well, at least the heading anyway!

                      Props go to @CatherineDeveny/@FranklyFeisty on Twitter for lighting the fire with this tweet a few days back “Good question. Please suggest RT @FranklyFeisty where are the blokes/women non anal smashing real bodies, erotic, tender porn sites?” because up until now I will admit to being fairly ignorant about pornography for females.

                      I have complained on this blog about women and their lack of adventure in regards to sex and for the most part I will stick with that opinion which is garnered from the 40 years I have been fortunate to be on the planet but I will state that things are changing I think.  Case in point this website that I found a while back which I have neglected to visit for a while primarily because I fell in lust with free porn (another story for another day).

                      This is a beautiful website that has video’s of young women, and lots of young Australian women too, masturbating in all sorts of places.  It is tastefully filmed and it just natural and very sexy in my humble opinion.

                      Of course most women would probably like to see a young man or man/men masturbating vice a female I gather…SO WHY THE HELL IN 2011 DON’T WE HAVE SUCH A THING?…presented in such a manner, tastefully filmed, HD, great sound etc as IFM is…I don’t get it?

                      Is it men whom are really backwards…do I have it arse about face?  Food for thought isn’t it?

                      I would happily volunteer to map out a plan with a director to shoot one of my masturbation sessions, hell…it would even give me the motivation to lose a few kilo’s prior.

                      But back to the crux of the argument.  Are men capable of such a thing?  I cant see any reason why we wouldn’t be?  Maybe though there isn’t a market which leads me back to the start of this post.  Do women want to see men touching themselves and tossing off?  Maybe not?

                      Ahh, sex…never a dull moment eh?

                      Before I end, I will link this by a new blogess I found a few days ago and her post on cunnilingus.  And don’t think that I am hinting that we all become Bisexual, but she does have a point in walking a mile in someone’s shoes so that you can form a better opinion…well, that’s my thought anyway.


                      p.s.  I cant end this just yet as I haven’t mentioned MsNaughty….who in actual fact replied to the tweet that opened this post offering her blog of goodness IRT porn for women.  Please have a look.  She is a woman whom I would argue is on the right path.

                      Sex workers and the future…?

                      Nov 2019 – needs an update.


                      For the record – I am not a sex-worker. I am just a bloke with opinions on human sexuality who has been to brothels over the years.

                      I don’t know any sex-workers and have never had the opportunity to sit down with them and discuss their job and what makes them do it.

                      That said though, I am genuinely interested in the profession and what drives women to do it.

                      The link above is another Age article penned by Michelle Griffin and talks about an organisation called RhED which is supporting street and brothel based sex workers to build something slowly that might enable them to leave the industry if indeed that is what they desire.

                      I am going to start with street sex-work.

                      I don’t like it full stop. When I used to drive a taxi I would occasionally need to drop a client in St Kilda and you would always see a couple women in their skimpy outfits looking for work on Fitzroy Street.

                      It used to shit me that women had to do this to earn a dollar and I just wanted so much to stop and pick them up and take them someplace safe and give them all the opportunities that a lot of other women have.

                      But that is just idealist me crapping on again.

                      This is why I would if I could financially support an organisation such as RhED.

                      At the very least I would be comfortable knowing that I was doing something that had the ability to change someones life. No woman should have to do this to earn money to eat and live in 2011.

                      As for other sex-work…I understand why women do it and for the most part that is because it pays alright and the hours are fairly flexible.

                      That is completely cool and on that I was amazed to find out only a month ago that prostitution is illegal in South Australia…WTF?

                      I guess though I just want women to be able to choose what they want in this life just like most men can and that is why I am big on equality. If they want to be a sex-worker then so be it. They should be given support maybe in the form of a contact who might check in on them from time to time to see if everything is OK. There could be the RhED thing with further education etc if they choose and other stuff like support and representation if they find themselves working for a complete cunt of a boss be that male or female.

                      Imagine a society where sex wasn’t such a fucking taboo issue and young women if they wanted could be career sex workers…sounds bizarre but it might work. Men are always going to be horny bastards and a lot of “normal” women are always complaining about how they cant keep up with porn and blah blah blah. Maybe instead of being checkout chicks young women could get into healthy sex work…food for thought?

                      That is the way forward because we wont get rid of prostitution in society ever. Maybe also the government could set up a program where brothels were checked on an regular basis for cleanliness and that the staff were OK etc. I am sure there is this sort of thing but I gather it isn’t funded very well and brothels are free to do whatever they wish for the most part, case in point the article this morning about the young Jewish man who was bashed to death for allegedly uncovering a trade in Asian women whom were forced into prostitution.

                      Then there is the story which I posted about here A brothel that set up a scheme whereby men could have unprotected sex for a few dollars more…that is fucked up!

                      I am going to leave this post here and maybe revisit it at a later stage?

                      In fact, I am going to post on the subject briefly again soon regards an article by Caroline Norma and the Swedish model…TBC

                      Whatever happens, if you are a sex-worker, be safe and if you are a man who visits them….treat them well, wear a fucking condom and tip them because they are amazing women.


                      On dating sites….an effing classic day!

                      OK…in setting the scene, I have joined a dating site to see if can meet a few women whom I could catch up with occasionally over a coffee or a drink.  If by chance the chatting went well and we were made to delve deeper then I will admit that a “friends with benefits” approach to a meet up would have been on the cards.

                      So, I have been on this site for about a week or so and have been hit on by one woman who cant drive and wanted me to visit her 75kms away out in bloody Gippland and of the other two one was from somewhere in Canada and the other from the UK.  I gather it is fair to say that they were more than likely hacker generated?

                      Saturday….have been online for a few hours now and a system message came up asking me to check out a profile so I did so.  OK….close by, about my age but no picture…hmmm, yeah, reads OK…we have some interests….yeah, I will send her a contact request.

                      An hour or so later….she is checking out my profile and pings me back saying I like your profile and hope to learn more about you.  Thus, I added her to my contacts and that opened a chat box…what occured after that is pasted below and from my perspective is quite funny!

                      Me: Hi…I guess I type stuff here and I hope you get it?

                      Her: who the fuck do you think you are to be in a relationship yet say in your profile why men have to do all the work…grow a brain and learn that you need a good hard look at yourself for even displaying and saying the the things you do . LOSER!!!!

                      Me: Oh..kay? Have you ever heard of an open-relationship or is your head firmly ensconsed in the sand like so very many of your sex?


                      Me: I pity you. Yeah, no worries good luck in confining your man when you find him. I can send you some handcuffs if you would like or maybe some rope…that might work for a while?

                      And thus ended our chat session.  Psycho hose beast perhaps?