On love hotels…again

I wrote some crap in regards to love hotels in Australia a while back which I re-read just now and must admit it isn’t one of my better posts.  I was an angry Clyde that day quite obviously, but you get that.

However this said, I still stand by my comment based wholly on my experiences thus far in life that Australians are sexually speaking a pretty boring lot.  Sure, there are exeptions to the rule as there are in every facet of life but generally we are only now emerging from the shell that is the nuclear family of the 50’s with the woman tied to the kids (lots) and the oven and as far as sex goes it was in the bedroom with the lights off for the most part.

As to whether there is any hope that we will in the future forge our own sexual identity….hmmm, I dont know?

We are a mish-mash of British and US sex culture I feel for the most part with lots of other interesting cultures sexual tastes thrown in for good measure.  Maybe it will come when we genuinely find our own feet in this land but this I feel wont happen until the majority of the population acknowledge the original inhabitants and seek to raise their lifestyle to that of ours whilst gorging ourselves on theirs to embolden that identity and make it real…well, what’s left of it anyway.

But I digress.  Love hotels can work in this country but there are more than a few obstacles in their path.  One of the biggest I feel is the church who I will allege that via its donations to the Liberals and possibly the ALP stop any debate on this before it can even be raised as an issue.  I wish to note that I have absolutely no proof that this is the case but I if I was a betting man and one could bet on it as a possibility I reckon I might be on a winner!

So where do we go as a nation from here?  Sordid affairs in the back seats of cars and offices after everyone else has gone home, in alleyways and everywhere else that is possible I guess. That is all we have at the moment and will be all we have for the next little while I gather.

The Japanese just do it so much better though don’t they?  Mind you, I guess the love hotel for them came about because they don’t have the space we have in this country and rice paper walls don’t silence moans too well!

They are a beautiful idea though and I hope that before I drop of the perch in 40 odd years (I hope) that someone, anyone…in this country has the gumption to try their hand at building one and see if they can be profitable.

Anyway, tis all food for thought.  Till next time y’all.


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