Today’s the day…

I’m back…at least for a little while anyway.  Still havent made up my mind in regards to ranting on about sex in this country.  We are all so fucking close minded and thus beyond help that I would argue that change wont come in my lifetime so why bother….? 

It isnt my usual position and I am not comfortable taking it so either I will either keep crapping on or just burn out and fade away.  Watch this space.

Thank you to @rosewal on Twitter and Father’s day for the inspiration for this post.

Currently I am counseling a bloke in regards to his breakup with his girlfriend whom he found out about 4 weeks ago was pregnant.
He has been all over the place and thankfully we, that being myself and one other older bloke who have offered counsel have been able to keep him from doing something stupid. By that I mean hurting himself.

The story goes that he met a girl and within two weeks of them hooking up he had gotten her pregnant. He was dumb in that he chose not to use protection but also put his faith in her comment that “at 29 years of age, I cant get pregnant” and the old chestnut that “she is on the pill, so why do I have to worry?”.

Men will never learn unfortunately unless we are taught at a young age the power of testosterone and potential outcomes if we aren’t sensible about how we choose to act once aroused.  This is the only way forward now.

In some ways I guess we have to scare the shit out of boys and keep it up throughout their teenage years so that they embrace personal responsibility in regards to their semen which hopefully will lead to less of this type of shit happening and hopefully one day less single parent families and fathers that are told when and where and how they may visit their offspring, for how long and what they can and cant do which is just plain fucking wrong but women have all the cards on this issue so the only way forward is via EDUCATION.

Anyway, back to my little story.  My main brother SM is currently in a better frame of mind but one that sees him angry about how it all went down.  She has pretty much fucked him over, arguing that she doesn’t want to see him because he was a shit boyfriend who didn’t take her out on a romantic date during the 4 weeks they were together and thus whom she thought would be a shit-house father.

He has accepted the part about a lack of a date etc, and has tried to explain his position but she doesn’t want any of it and has now cut him out of her life completely.

It is interesting in that she made comment in the early stages of the relationship that she would respect and value his opinion if they ever did want to have kids, something which she turned 180 degrees on completely once she knew she was pregnant choosing not to sit down with him to discuss the pregnancy and the relationship, where it is going and whether or not a termination is the better option for both of us at this point in our lives.

This is what he was really angry about.  That he hasn’t gotten a say whatsoever and I wholeheartedly agree with this position.  He is at the point now where he talking of seeking legal advice and getting a DNA test done once the child is born and that is where I have chosen to offer no further comment. I have tried to explain to him that anger will get him nowhere now and so best prepare for a call from Child Support in 7 or so months in regards to maintenance.  That is his lot in life now.  I have asked him to be proactive and ring Child Support to see where he stands but he wont, oh well, such is life.

I am tired of this stuff happening, arent you?


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