Sexy cool science…I digggg dis.

Just found this on Twitter. Imagine being able to enjoy oneself and research your body at the same time….Kewl!
Hopefully someone comes up with a male version as well IDC.

and here is Maggie explaining the device today…or at least the link was posted today.

We have tech that can follow you on your run, and count how many steps you climbed and show the results on a computer for you to check out later, now, there is or will be soon the PSIgasm. How cool would it be to be able to relax on a nice comfy bed and masturbate and then when you have regained your strength and are at the computer go back through the fantasy and look at where you experienced highs etc.

I think this is a great example of using tech to explore ourselves further….your thoughts?

Thank you to Ned Henry and MsMaggieMayhem on Twitter.


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