More on the “sex offender” register…

In this state of Victoria in the amazing country of Australia we are fucking backwards…well in regards to the subject we are anyways….oh, and with cycling too (had to throw that in for good measure).

When you have magistrates commenting about how we have got this law wrong one would hope the government would spring into action and amend the law, but sadly no, that isn’t the case yet but I do hope that with consistent pressure the attorney general does something about it sooner rather than later.

Surely it is just a matter of “inserting clause here” that allows for magistrates to further define each specific case and thus not place certain individuals on the register or something like that.  I don’t bloody know but it really cant be that hard can it?

Check these links out…

The register is for sex offenders, ie: hard core sex fuck-ups who do really bad shit.  Surely though young men, ie: those in their teens and in the case of the soldier (20 years of age) are cases in which there exists a better than average chance that the individual will sort his shit out and rehabilitate completely?

Anyway, enough said.  I will watch with interest to see which way this goes.


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