Interesting article about Japanese society and sex…

Hmmm…have a read of this.,9171,1818203,00.html

Interesting,… the stats say that Japanese society is one of the most sexless societies in the world primarily due to crazy working lives. Makes sense I think.

And what of “elder porn”, not exactly my cup of tea but it is for a growing number of Japanese???

I have had brief periods in my masturbation life where I have checked out mature women and hey, I have to say that at that particular moment what I am seeing has done it for me without any real issues thus far.  And will probably do it again and again until I pass by 70 years of age when apparently the male sex drive shits itself completely?

And those sales figures…I gather they are primarily figures of older men buying elder porn and hiding it away from their partner just as most men do which I have done to death in this blog thus far and probably will crap on about at some stage in the future again…

Tis all very interesting.


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