This blogging caper is bloody great!


Just wanted to write a short post to say that this blog has been the best thing I could do to work through my frustrations in regards to a sex life that I consider pretty ordinary.  Sure I have had a few moments of greatness but for the most part I haven’t really had anywhere near as much fun as I thought I might.

As such I have carried on my back this great weight which I believe I am slowly exorcising off me, all thanks to being able to write about these frustrations, read other peoples blogs, articles and stories and walk a mile in their shoes to see if my frustrations are genuine.

For the most part I think I am on the right track but there are those of you out there whom would probably vehemently disagree?

Course I wouldn’t know if that is actually the bloody case because out the 600+ hits I have had on the page since starting it about 8 or so weeks ago I haven’t received one Australian commenter.  In fact, I have had two overseas comments thus far, once about circumcision and one about male abuse of females (and I thank both of those people for taking the time to put their position down for my perusal).

I still fully believe that Australians are backwards barely moving forwards in regards to sex and will use this opportunity to quote Julia Zemiro (a wonderful Australian woman and TV personality who when interviewed in the Sunday Age Life magazine in regards to her program that I believe has just finished on SBS titled Sex” An Unnatural History), stated “I think we have a certain level of prudishness.  Or the other way – we go beserk.  The French approach to sex is, I don’t think its in your face, its just direct…I just like how they are a little more out there about it – this is why we are on earth, this is the game of love”.

Well said Julia.

Anyway that is enough from me for now.  Will sit down with a nice strong latte or two on Saturday and post like there is no tomorrow.


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