This Shits Me Up The Wall!

Australian sex education is pathetic.

Now that I have that off my chest, I am sure there are good examples amongst the shite that is peddled in the name of sex education but they are still few and far between IN MY VERY HUMBLE OPINION.

This is my opinion as amassed from what I hear, see and read and yes those sources can be unreliable.

Why is this so hard to fix people? Why isn’t anyone in power debating this issue?

Is sexuality not important enough or are we all just too embarrassed about it?

Case in point – I mentioned to a conservative mate today what my blog was about and it shut him down completely.

Just so you are aware, this is the same guy who vehemently debates with me in regards to anything political or strategic regarding Australia that is in the news but I shut him down completely, the first time ever.

He eventually came to me about a half an hour later and stated that he believed that this sort of stuff, ie: the stuff that I write about and link too on my blog should be kept to peoples private bedrooms.

FAAAAARK….CONSERVATIVES, no wonder we are so bloody backwards.

I found this via Twitter, thanks to @del_detriment for posting it and making me aware and really rather angry…

AES would rather not get grumpy.

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