On same sex marriages and parenting…

Howdy readers,

I am going to leave the arena of human sexuality blogging for a wee bit, to write a little on the above mentioned topic.

I am no expert in this field but I do have the basis of what I think is a sound opinion.

At this current time with all that I know about men and women which really isn’t much in the greater sphere of things but it is enough I feel to lay down an opinion, I want to put my support behind same sex marriages and parenting.

Just found this today via Twitter http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1994480,00.html

To give you a little background I was raised in a male/female household with an amazing mother who held the family unit together as they normally do and to this day is the rock on which the family resides.
As for my father, well, lets just say he was a very angry man who had a complete fuck-up of a family unit that drove him out of the house after his mother died at a very young age to fend for himself. He never received any life lessons from his father or the step-mother and thus he really struggled as a father when the time came.

Consequently I copped it big time, the anger, the aggro, the belting’s and as such grew to a man who turned 180 degrees from this sort of behavior and embraced quietness, gentle people and all things kind.

This is in a large part of why I support same sex marriages and parenting.

I feel that if I had been raised by two females or two males for that matter I would have got just as good education about life I feel and/or possibly better. However this said, if it had been two females it would have been even better if I had a trustworthy male or two around to chip in every now and then with gems of wisdom about being a male and educate me about sex and masturbation, something of which I received no education on at all with my real parents.

I am not at all saying that a woman couldn’t educate me on these things as I am currently interviewing a woman who is raising her kids with their father deceased and this far with what she has said I think she is doing a wonderful job. In fact I would argue she is completely on the money and you will be able to read this when I transcribe the interview.

I think it is imperative that in each situation a group of trustworthy friends needs to be around so that the child learns from them and can grow and make its way in the world knowing that it can ask a question if need be of whomever is around at the time with no fear of what answer will be given.

It seems to me thus that there is no need to have gender defined roles anymore, ie: male = dad, female = mum.

I would have been just as happy with a woman taking me to football practice and to games and for that matter wouldn’t have had to put up the aggro lectures after the game on what I didn’t do right, which is a large part of why I don’t really follow the great Australian game with any vigour anymore.

Just as for a heterosexual relationship, in a same sex marriage, as long as both people genuinely love each other and this can be communicated to the child as much as possible then he or she will grow up with the right start in life. That is the key point to all this I think.

This is why we need to as a society push the government to vote on this in parliament and pass a bill that gives same sex marriages and parenting the same rights as a heterosexual couple. Furthermore we need to stifle the church on this issue with a lots of feet on the ground because they wont hesitate to fight dirty which is exactly the reason why I am waiting as patiently as I can for the census results next year just to see what the breakdown in regards to religion is in this country in 2011 (another story for another day).

Bloggers of Australia, and of the world I ask you to write something on this subject which I hope is in the positive. My great hope is that before I drop of the perch in 40 odd years this issue will be done and dusted.


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