Women and beauty…?

Please excuse me while I digress a little from the usual sexual tone of this blog but I think this issue is so important in the grand scheme of things, the river that is a woman’s sexuality that it needs its time in the sun NOW.

This subject is something that has always intrigued me.  And for that matter pissed me off a whole lot.  Have a read and see what you think. It is written by Lisa Hickey and is a bloody great piece of writing especially the parts about men not identifying beauty in anything else than a woman and the sentence where she states, “Can’t it be enough that I’m clean?”


We need as a society (Men especially need to start talking, but will they?) to start thinking about these sorts of things and if we do en-masse the payoff’s will be extraordinary in that we might actually make a dent in the as yet unchinkable armour of women and their issues with their bodies.  Unfortunately most women as far as I know keep these thoughts tucked away hidden from sight, with the exception of a little venting to their closest friends.  Men/partners/husbands I would argue don’t get much of a download from their lady but then again, how many men really even think about or show any real interest in this sort of stuff???

Just imagine reducing eating disorders by half….?  Lisa states that approximately 65% of women have an eating issue….FUCK!

For me, the battle will be won when I can stand in an elevator with two or three women and not be overcome with perfume fumes.  I really detest how a lot of women smother themselves in perfume completely destroying their natural smell…why is that?  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a little perfume but would rather it be used sparingly and only occasionally….that’s just me though.

I just want to smell a woman and if I am fortunate enough, taste her, sweat and all. I find it extremely sexual and love it when a woman can just be happy in her own skin.

Anyway, enough of my crap. Please read and talk about this issue. Just another area where we desperately need to evolve a little.

I need to work on this post more but it is going to take time and a few re-reads…until then comments would be very much appreciated and will help me in forming an opinion that matters.


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