on Male contraception…

Hi’ya all,

Was just cruising around Katherine Feeney’s CityKat blog and found this little gem, an old post but a good’n – http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/lifestyle/lifematters/blogs/citykat/male-contraception–why-so-taboo-20110609-1fuq2.html

Why is male contraception so taboo?
I mean seriously, how many men really wear condoms?

I would argue that it is about 50% of all men having sex and that figure may be on the generous side.

I certainly am no angel, as I try when the girly and I are in bed to not wear protection because it just diminishes the pleasure of the act by half. I know I should but the whole thought of the possible pleasure that I could be missing out on just convinces me to vote bareback.

If indeed the injection mentioned in the link above does prove to be a winner I will get it instantly as that will take a great load of my mind knowing that I can fuck as much as I want with benign baby batter. Also, I will be able to look my partner in the eye and say, babe’s you are safe from possible pregnancy because I am carrying the load for once just as you have for all these years.

So men reading this, we can do better.  We, in the future need to take out turn looking out for our partner(s) so watch this space for more news on the injection and or a male contraception pill that is ridiculously well overdue.


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