This lady can write…

Thanks to Eva for her permission to spread her work freely.  Also check out the Australian Sex Party website while you is there!

This is a great blog about being a young woman in the 90’s who wanted to explore her body and all of the amazing feelings that it was giving her.  It is really bloody well written and is a credit to her, I hope you like the story as much I did.

It illustrated to me that I have had it so easy in being a boy. I used to check out porn stores occasionally to buy some new masturbation mags or a video if I had a video machine nearby and never blinked an eye as the decor was pretty much aimed at males which unfortunately at the time I didn’t really understand.

I remember once sussing out a few stores in Fyshwick which were stocked to the roof with porn of every type and possible fetish which only served to confuse me more.  At that stage I was moving towards anything with a “real” flavour to it having had my time sussing out the craziness of the Private etc video’s where women were treated like shit which to this day leaves me with a fucked up taste in my mouth.  I feel so sorry for all those beautiful Eastern Block women mainly who were promised the world probably just as long as they opened their legs and received sometimes numerous cocks in every orrifice for as long as was required.

Maybe I am wrong in stating this but knowing men as I do I am sure they werent exactly treated like princesses?

Hopefully we will see an end to male dominated porn one day and preferably the sooner the better.


p.s. Eva, do write again with what happened next re: working in the store????

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