Sex is loco…

This morning I got over my issues with women temporarily and let my hand drift down to the girly’s mid-section and after a little while it was on for young and old.
It was nice to be with her although it really wasn’t intimate, it was just sex.

I had real trouble reaching orgasm as I do and had to masturbate for quite a while above her to come. She patiently put up with me caressing my scrotum for a good 10 minutes until I could orgasm which shit me up the wall after primarily because I couldn’t come but also because I have been forced into this lifestyle which sees me having to initiate sex pretty much always (98% of the time) and if I don’t then all as I have is masturbation and when I do that too much I cant come when I am with a woman so really I cant win.

This is primarily why I am angry with women, and don’t read this and put the blame on me because I am just a shy-ish regular guy with a high sex drive that has never even come close to reaching a sexual potential.  I have certainly tried to be with many women but they seem so picky and finicky about whom they share their bed with and rightly so I guess but why was I put on this earth with seminal vessels that fill so quickly and seem so potent?

I sometimes wonder how many other men are out there in the world like me. I am sure there is a few and that is why porn amongst men is so prevalent as is the use of prostitution.

What is the solution? Easier said than done I guess but a start would be to see women pay some more attention to the male sex drive just as we pay attention to your beauty and ability to grow and bear a child.  An even street in that respect would be a great start I think and might help alleviate at least some of the issues between the sexes.

Will that ever happen though? I think not because women aren’t really interested in sex like men are. At least that has been my experience anyway. I read a blog the other day written by a woman basically stating that women are only really interested in sex primarily as a reason to procreate. In the majority that is their sole motivation supposedly?

I guess I already knew this but had put it out of my mind instead choosing to remain optimistic about my sexual potential…but that never arrived and now I am 40 and have had sex once in 6 months…no wonder a bloke is down!

So where do men go now?  Well, if you believe the sex blogosphere then men are retreating to online porn more and more (supposedly online porn generates an income of $3000 a second!) and as a result are losing our maleness with less and less hookup’s and interaction between the sexes.  People like those mentioned in my blog such as Cindy Gallop and Phillip Zimbardo are just two of many that I have spent time with since starting this blog about sex that state that there is a revolution happening amongst men and hey, this is only going to affect females primarily so something needs to be done pronto.  But will it?

Apologies for being the pessimist but nothing will change I think.  Women will keep sailing along with their heads in the clouds as the percentage of available sperm drops slowly (I read that they Y chromosome is shrinking and looks like disappearing altogether some day?) and I think that in 15 years or so from now an even larger percentage of women might choose to be same sex parents with pregnancy provided by donated/frozen sperm which I think is going to be the next big thing (guys dropping their loads in liquid nitrogen for cash).  Traditional marriages and the nuclear family will always be around but watch this space for the numbers of those seeking this type of relationship to drop a little more definitely over time.  The remainder of society will be single men and women living alone with porn/vibrators and cats and dogs etc for company or living at home still.

Its a bleak picture I know but I really cant see sexual equality in its current form really bringing anything for men except loneliness.  Maybe men had their time back in the day and that which is coming is the full circle finally coming to rest?

Maybe women are the future and males will be genetically engineered in a laboratory in the future, built to specification?

I have to end this shitty little post with some optimism though.  Imagine a world where women could access a drug that would boost their sex drive by a moderate amount that was completely safe and did not have any major side effects.  Imagine men and the reaction they would have to women seeking more regular sex.  Imagine the negative effect on brothels and prostitution, porn and stripping in clubs that would hopefully go under.  Imagine women standing equal with men seeking sexual partners as men have for so long.  That is the world I would love to see…but I am a dreamer, always have been and will drop of the perch that way.

So yes, interesting times lie ahead in regards to sex and I know that this discussion is far from complete in my mind.  What do you think?


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