I am really proud of what I write….

Just wanted to gab on a bit for my 70 ish post about the fact that I am pretty darn proud of all the stuff I have written and linked to on this blog.
I got my first comment the other day and it was a positive one which made me so happy.

I am not much of a real writer and I swear too much anyway so there isn’t any chance that I will ever be popular, but hey, that wasn’t the reason I started this.  I wanted this to be an outlet for the frustration I feel in regards to sex generally and my experience with sex as a male.  The other side of the coin was that I really wanted to write in the hope that I might help even one person make a better decision and if I ever get feedback about that I will be over the bloody moon!

As to where this is going I still don’t really know and hey, y’now I don’t really care because with the crazy world we live in there is always going to be something to crap on about.
Anyway, see you next weekend when I sit down to write.


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