Warren Jeffs update…

I dont know why I am wasting my time on this freak but I am so here goes…
Update on his trial see’s him looking at life in prison…Yay!


What about the young girls that were in his polygamist harem though?
How are they going to fare now that the world has opened up their weird little community?

This is why cults are just plain fucked in the head. Religion is fucked in the head as far as I am concerned too!
I believe in Mother Nature as my god and that is whom I pray too. I respect her and all that she has gifted this planet with and I try to look after as much as I can so future generations might see what I have seen and loved.

But, I digress. This is my last post on Jeffs. Here’s to him rotting away in prison with a bum buddy or ten who violate him just as he has violated so many young girls that we will probably never hear about.


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