And furthermore…

At work, I am really no better than the tradies that I spoke of in the last article.
We, that being the forkies and maybe one of the other production guys will gather in the airlock at least once or twice a week to talk about who we would fuck and who’s hot and who’s not.

I genuinely consider it a waste of my time but I participate because I know if I was outed it would be a cruel existence being called a fag etc…
It is genuinely fucking crazy, the shit that comes out of our mouths but men do it. Maybe women crap on like this too I don’t know…that could be a question for my anonymous female blogger next week?

I do know that we as a species have a way to go yet before we are genuinely evolved in regards to sex though and again that is why it must come back to the young and sound sex education taught by teachers who have empathy and whom can relate to every boy or girls particular situation. Teach them the basics, ie: respect for the human body and indeed everyone’s body and I am sure we will have a much better society in the future.


Gentleman’s clubs…I dont get them?

Nope, never been to one and I can say with complete assurance now that I will never visit one.
I just don’t get them. Sitting around with your male counterparts enjoying a scotch staring at breasts or skimpily clad women. It really is just the upmarket view of the tradies all sitting around on milk crates out the back of the business at smoko eating a pie in their fluro vests talking and laughing about the chicks in the office and who they would fuck and who they wouldn’t.

There was an article in today’s Age about some clubs skirting the licensing fee. Good on the government for at least trying to legally shut them down.
And what of the women, do they enjoy being perved at all day?
Maybe, maybe not but it must pay alright if they continue to do it against whatever feminist principles they may have zooming around in their brains, if indeed they even subscribe to feminism…I don’t know?

It is a bizarre world peeps.


The Vice guide to eating pussy.

Updated: December 2020.  Note that this link is pretty old now so here’s hoping it works for you?

Hi all,


At the link above is a well written and funny article about goin down to Pussy Town.  It contains some great tips for anyone interested in going down, way down and gettin down!

In my humble opinion, the scent and taste of a woman in arousal is unique and utterly wonderful.  And it is definitely up there with the finest things in life, at least for this bloke.

So, please click the link and enjoy the read.


Sisters With Voices – Downtown

At what age…?

I mentioned in my post about masturbation that I hoped females at 20 were totally in touch with their bodies as were males.

By that, I meant that I hoped they had experimented just as males do with their bodies and had found some answers or enough to keep them happy as they age.

But really, at what age did you start masturbating.  For me it was about 13 I think?

Do boys start it earlier than girls?

Because, in my experience the girls at my primary school were pretty interested in boy bits at 12 or 13.  I remember being at the Saturday football playing with Julie and her friend Kate and they wanted me to drop my pants so they could see my penis.  I could have so exploited that opportunity but I didn’t because at that stage I really didn’t understand the thought processes going on in mine and the girls brains.

Is it more of a physical thing for boys, or do girls touch themselves at that young age as well?

And at what age should we be telling our kids about sex and about their bits?

So many questions and not enough answers generally is what I get from this subject so I have decided to enlist the help of an anonymous female to help me answer some of the questions.  She is a pretty funny woman whom has a boy of 14 who is already exploiting the easy sexual atmosphere in their household telling his mother the other week as she tried to get him out of bed that he had an erection and thus couldn’t move.  Smart little bastard!

I hope she will make her appearance soon.


The future of society and humanity.

Yes folks, IF we survive global warming which I think we will as the human species is incredibly resilient, a new society will emerge either during or sometime after this event.

Just so we are on the same page here, if the climate scientists are right and the seas do rise and the temps rise as well there will be a lot of deaths and the overall world population will decrease quite substantially, but…out of the ashes

Matriarchal society will be born and will be the norm.  Male power will have decreased to a point where female sexual power and associated general power will overcome the patriarchal society that functions now.

What is that going to do for sex….hmmm…maybe there will generally be less of it…maybe oral sex will stand out as a rule for relationships to keep the population down or maybe women will come to truly embrace the sex goddess in each of them and take charge of sex?  A pity I won’t be around to see and enjoy this phenomenon but hey such is life.

Yeah, I definitely think patriarchy is on the wane.  We still have a ways to go until women reach the midpoint on the great swinging arm of equality but when we do and I tell you we will the world is going to be so a different a place.

I read a series of books many years ago, the mars series by Kim Stanley Robinson which had a profound impact upon me as a person and has led me away from living as a patriarch instead I choose to live today somewhere in between where I am happy straddling both fences.

The matriarch in the books who escapes the first 100 to set up her own colony in the South Pole is an amazing character and is someone whom I could definitely live with using my size and weight and general male handiness to help her build our home.

I wish sometimes that there could be colonies like this on earth where peace and tranquillity reigns and where males know their place and behave with dignity and respect the females around them just as they are respected.

It truly would be a wonderful place to live and work and eat and have wonderful sex and see babies born who were planned as welcome additions to the overall family.

Yeah, I know, I am a fucking modern day hippy but I don’t care.

Go matriarchy!


Weird deeeeeep sexuality – Mac McLelland and PTSD

Check this out if you havent already…Its a story about a young woman who after working with a rape victim in Haiti staged a violent sex act to conquer her PTSD.
This blows my mind just trying to think how and what she might have been thinking and why she chose to be raped safely in order to get through the blockage in her mind.
A former partner did the honours apparently which is something I couldn’t do. I just couldn’t turn into an animal against someone whom I love or loved which if I might digress is why I haven’t been able to get into the girly’s interest of bondage and discipline etc.
Its just not me. I am truly a lover not a fighter.
It is a really radical solution to a problem and I wish her the best of luck and hope that she was able to conquer her fears but I do wonder if the method was correct?


This is why things have got to change…

Found this article in today’s Age;
Prostitute to sue brothel over gun
Julia Medew
July 13, 2011

A PROSTITUTE who had a gun pulled on her for refusing to have unprotected sex plans to sue a suburban brothel for failing to protect her.
The woman, who does not want to be identified, said her former workplace, ”Butterflys of Blackburn”, had turned a blind eye to workers having unprotected sex, creating false expectations and a sense of entitlement among clients.
It also failed to video record people coming and going from the premises and did not have security guards.  (Throw the book at this place I say)
She said this partly led to a man assaulting her last August when she persistently refused to have sex with him without a condom. She said her refusal caused the man to aggressively grab her, flip her onto her back and attempt to rape her. Although she escaped, the man pulled out a gun before leaving and threatened her.
”He pointed it at my head and said he could do anything to me. He said, ‘No one can stop me’,” she said.  (We will never get rid of dickheads unfortunately though.)
The woman has since been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, whiplash in her neck and a torn muscle in her shoulder.
She said although other brothels provided excellent security for their workers, Butterflys had allowed workers to charge extra for unprotected sex, creating an impression that clients could get whatever they wanted.
”It never used to be a big issue … but about 12 months before I got attacked, it became a regular occurrence. More and more guys were coming in asking for sex without a condom. They were under the impression that most of the girls in that place would do it,” she said.
”If they didn’t let that happen, I wouldn’t have been attacked.”
While it is illegal for people to have unprotected sex in brothels, Butterflys’ website says its aim is to provide clientele with ”everything they may desire and more”.
Management did not return calls from The Age.  (Arseholes, I hope they get sued for a plenty)
The woman recently won a workcover claim to have her medical expenses covered and to be paid $1000 a week – her average weekly earnings before the incident. She is also applying for compensation for permanent impairment through the WorkCover Authority’s no fault scheme and plans to sue the brothel for failing to provide a safe workplace.
Her lawyer, Rhiannon Reid, of Maurice Blackburn, said her client had struggled to establish a workcover claim because of the industry she worked in. She encouraged other sex workers to speak up if they had had similar experiences.
”It doesn’t matter whether you work in a bank or a brothel, everyone has the right to feel safe at work”, she said.
Under Victorian law, it is an offence to provide sex work services without taking all reasonable steps to ensure that a condom or other appropriate barrier is used. It is also an offence for a brothel owner to permit a sex worker to work while infected with a sexually transmitted disease.
A government spokeswoman said Consumer Affairs Victoria had conducted 87 inspections of licensed brothels in the past financial year and found ”a small number” of breaches of safe-sex requirements, mostly relating to signage. All breaches detected were resolved through warning letters and follow up inspections, the spokeswoman said.
The case comes after The Age reported in May that Victorian Health Minister David Davis was being urged to decrease the frequency of sexually transmitted infection tests for prostitutes who work in legal brothels.
It was argued that monthly tests were not required because unprotected sex was uncommon.

This is why we need better sex education at a young age. This will slowly but surely take clients away from the industry and while we may never kill it off, we sure as hell can make a dent in operations and take some brothels out of the picture.
Hopefully then, those that will remain will have to stick like glue to the regulations providing a safe workplace just like most everybody else has.  It is the only way forward and I believe it must be done in schools so the kids are around their peer group and can discuss, laugh and learn from each other.



Weird fucking dreams….

In my current incapacitated state where I am getting way too much horizontal action punctuated by bizarre dreams I have this to add to my blog.
I had a dream today about a sexual education class conducted in school with the young people at or about 15/16 years of age.
The classroom was an ordinary room with the exception of a border separating the external metre from the middle of the room.
Around the border were the males, randomly shuffled in there with a male supervisor for every 5 or 6 young men to advise them if need be and in the middle the young women with a few female supervisors/teachers to instruct them and to help them if they required it.
I guess it was just a breakdown of a glory-hole sex video used for educational purposes…very odd, but do read on.
The males and the females in their own time carried out lessons which included initial orientation of the male genitalia and hygiene prior to sexual activity through to actual intercourse at a much later stage with both the young men and women coached throughout the process by teachers and educated properly about what they had under their clothing.
The school and parents then had a genuine excuse to use in regards to sex which kept the kids preoccupied and thus content with the fact that in time they would come to understand the weird sensations I am getting from down there.
It could even be carried out at younger age, say 13 or 14 especially so the initial stages separated by a years growth and would be completely random so now one knew who they were pleasuring/exploring.
I guess with a little ingenuity a female version of the glory hole could be explored but it would mean only the head of the child would be separated from the male.

I can just see the boys eyes as they walk into a heated room with young womens bodies aligned on purpose made benches naked.  There certainly would be some eye popping shots of heads not comprehending what they were seeing especially if it was conducted at a young age and especially orientation of the female body.

But I can genuinely see it working because both sexes would be separated and controlled by teachers and thus would learn slowly and purposefully about the others body only being embarrassed by their own sex in the room with them at the time.

I quite like this idea because there is plenty of time between lessons where both sexes could come to fully understand what they had learnt and then move on a year later to the next stage.

Unfortunately in the end of the dream I basically came to the view that it was unworkable as a human model because we are so pent up/embarrassed about sex and about how to best educate children, thus nothing really gets done at all.
Another bloody pity.


Cindy Gallop: Make love, not porn

Cindy Gallop: Make love, not porn.

I love this woman.  She for me is the pinnacle of womanhood.  She is a confident and capable open minded woman who isn’t afraid to share her thoughts around.

There is a genuine problem developing and if we continue to leave our heads in the clouds we will have a generation of young men and marriages that suffer.  Because, sex isnt talked about amongst men apart from the occasional jibe about wanting to shag a woman, the problem will never be fixed either and considering the web is here to stay that could constitute a serious problem for relationships in the future.

Talk about it and do something….today!

Thankyou to Katherine Feeney for tweeting the link.


Another day, another sex scandal….

Ah men, when will we ever learn to control the manic electricity created when we choose to grow an erection?
It is fair to say at this point that a lot of men cant control the testosterone rush, me included partly.
I was fired from a government job because I was turned on by a female, did something stupid in pulling out Ferdy to show her proudly and realised too late that it wasn’t exactly my smartest move.
Women just ignore them these days I think, well most do anyway, that being the sexual excursions that men take themselves on when they choose to ignore reality and proceed on another small step for mankind.
Boys are just being boys must be the catch cry…well, I am over it.
We need to evolve men and do it soon because it is shitting me up the wall.
I love having a dangerous weapon in my pants but sometimes it is just a pain in the arse being a male.
But what to do?
I don’t have any answers, I just live with Ferdy and accommodate him whenever I can which I think keeps me fairly grounded but for other men there must be genuine problems with the rise that goes on in their pants and in their bloodstream?
Crazy stuff…!
I will leave this little foray for now to be revisited later.


Do you masturbate…c’mon let’s talk about it.

Males…yes, I know you do and regularly.  If I used to wank twice a day on average when I was 20 then it’s fair to say that generally there is a shitload of other 20 year old males doing the same thing.

Females…I hope so.  I hope that you are learning about your body at this age at every opportunity that you have.  Where you are aroused, how you are aroused.  I hope you touch yourself regularly and give yourself tremendous pleasure.  I hope you are sexually confident, can communicate what you need/want and furthermore, if you have a male in your life, I hope he is treating your body with the respect it deserves.  I hope you are both sexually happy.

I hope that you are sexually mature enough to understand that your man needs to be drained regularly and that whilst it might seem like a chore it is doing a good for the world.  Because if you don’t do it, he is only going to find a quiet place and pull himself off until he orgasm’s a load of semen all over a worn shirt or whatever is around at the time.  Understand that he will respect you for helping him come, especially if you gift it.

Don’t close your mind, open it and take control of every possible sexual opportunity that comes your way.

It’s not dirty and it’s not indecent, masturbation is natural and has been granted to the human species as a gift so we can learn about our bodies as we grow.

Share that knowledge with your friends and don’t be afraid of talking about it.  Tell them about how you come, about when a particular piece of clothing touches your skin it sends a surge of electricity to your pleasure points and it feels so good.

If you like a particular boy ask him if he has gotten off today?

If he has not give him head.  Allow him to come wherever he wants to and if that be in your mouth, taste his semen and associate it with his body.

If you want to be touched take his hand and show him where it feels good, communicate with him as in tell him what you want.  Tell him that it feels really nice if he does this or that.  Teach him to be gentle.

Talk with your friends and boys you know about your fantasies.  An opportunity may arise out of that communication that will remain in your memories forever.

Above all, enjoy every masturbatory experience and every orgasm that goes with it.  You are unique.


Traditional women….

Just talking to my bro on the phone and he mentioned that he had been caught masturbating by his wife who had then gone absolutely troppo at him making him feel low and disgusting.
I love her as a sis-in-law but fuck me, that is some way backwards not coming forwards at all behaviour. T’will be interesting to see how my niece turns out?

Sleazy Fuckers – Will sexual harassment go away one day?

Updated in 2019 from an original post in 2011. Eight years and a bit of life experience is an amazing thing!

Hi folks,

The alleged sexual harassment behaviour carried out by an ex-David Jones boss (2011) just shows how far we have to go to get a society where women can dress as they like without men regularly tripping over their dicks, and harassing women as an output.

I will admit to once being of the opinion that women were in the wrong for dressing skimpily. Thankfully time, experience and a bit of thought have changed my mind.

Women can and should be able to dress how they please full stop.

What helped change my opinion was a unique work environment where women were outnumbered 12:1.

Observing and listening over the 18 odd months I worked there made it clear to me that men were the main source of the problem.

Fast forward to now with Mr Weinstein and many, many other examples backing up his behaviour over the last eight years and you should be able to join the dots and see why I feel men have to be the change if we are to see real change occur.

In the previous iteration of this this post I went on a rant about masturbation and sexuality but neither were the correct directions to push this post in.

Many things are slowly changing in this space across subjects such as gender, sexuality, equality and more.

They will all impact on sexual harassment – thankfully, and it will reduce in time I think.

Both genders will have to accept the changes the changes that come good and bad.

Men will lose more but they have held the greatest stake in the game since we started playing it so it.