Sex workers/porn stars and condom use…

This is a good article about MEN I gather in the majority bucking the system by not using condoms. It is way about time that the porn industry especially made it mandatory across all forms of pornography that protection be used.

I cant talk here because I still go for cream-pie porn which I came across a few years back and still masturbate furiously over if I find some.
It is wrong I know it but fuck it makes me horny to see a woman filled up with a man’s seed.

This is why the industry must lead by example and push condom use so that all those men out there in wanker land get the idea and slowly catch on and then maybe one day we might lower significantly the communicable diseases and other bad stuff that gets passed from partner to partner during sex.

It is not good enough to put the emphasis on women to carry condoms….yes that is a small part of the solution but the main focus should be on educating males about condom use.

It is pretty much covered off in the sex worker community with the exception of a few brothels who want to run their own routine and offer a bareback service for men who pay a little more. Slowly but surely the law will catch up with them and shut them down I hope.

This is serious shit. We must educate kids growing up now about the use of protection if we are to make any ground on this issue that has been done to death and really needs fixing pronto.

I encourage everyone to talk about this please.


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