Norhtwestern Uni and the live sex demo…

This is an oldie (March 2011) but it popped up again on twitter so I thought I would grasp it and write my thoughts down.
I am actually in favour of this sort of thing. It was conducted professionally with consenting adults in front of consenting students who chose to stay after class as they were interested in learning about BDSM.

As you will read, no one got up and left or complained when it was made clear that things would be getting graphic so yes, I fully support this sort of hands on education as a part of the whole learning process.

This is why I support better sex education in schools conducted at a young age through the high school years (sorry, don’t know the equivalent in the States?) which would teach young people very slowly about the human body and its sexual functions. Classes could still stay mixed up until a point but there would be some classes I think that would be better conducted by a teacher and an aide of the same sex as the students.

I honestly believe this type of education would have a flow-on effect in the wider community and I hope this would mean fewer assaults of a sexual nature and maybe even would change enough attitudes to lower rates of sexual harassment?

Tis genuinely food for thought…


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