20 Ways to talk to your kids about sex this week.

From Becky Knights blog. http://www.livingsexuality.com/category/blog

Again, I really like this and it is part of a solution for once from me instead of just raving on about how we need to improve sexual education. I still am strongly of the opinion that the core learning needs to be done at school and this stuff kinda fits well into that idea, ie: stuff that can be done at home. These are individual fringe ideas but they will help the individual child or children learn in time. Absorb please and pass on. Thanks to Becky.

  • Rub their back when you wake them up in the morning.
  • Turn up the music and dance!
  • Ask them “What’s the best part of being a girl/boy?”
  • Give them good eye contact.
  • Push them on a swing.
  • Ask them for a hug.
  • Go for a walk and hold their hand.
  • Teach them the names of all their body parts.
  • Encourage them to maintain good hygiene.
  • Ask them what their favorite smell is.
  • Talk about friendship and what qualities make for a good friend.
  • Have everyone in the family share what they like most about their body.
  • Pay attention to what kind of music they’re listening to. Ask them about it.
  • Daydream. Tell each other stories.
  • Play dress up.
  • When they ask you a question (i.e. “What is sexting?”), answer them. Give them a basic answer in terms they will understand.
  • Talk about all of the different kinds of families that you know.
  • Ask them if kids get called “gay” at school and what they think about that.
  • Have a tickle fight.
  • Tell them that you love them and think they are an incredible human being


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