On homosexuality

I am always amazed to watch some of the guys at work do their little act about how revolting homosexuality is. They call gay people fags and homo’s and a whole swag of other names with expletives a plenty thrown in for good measure during their little rant. Makes you wonder who is really gay and who’s not?
One particular bloke just derogatorily craps on about gay people all day and I really wonder if he is a closet homosexual but I wont pry as that isn’t my way.
I wouldn’t be surprised though if I found out that their lovely woman at home has a strap-on that is used to pleasure the male during their sexual encounters occasionally.
I wish I had the strength to stand up to them and tell them that occasionally I masturbate about sucking another guy’s cock or taking a cock in the butt. I think it is natural to have a healthy sexual appetite that encompasses all forms of the erotic.
But that would be as I have stated in an earlier post, madness as I would be completely outed and with the grapevine at work would be the big news in regards to coming out or something along those lines.
So, I hold my tongue and play along when required to keep up the ruse.
Silly, but that is the way of masculinity in this day and age.


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