Gentleman’s clubs…I dont get them?

Nope, never been to one and I can say with complete assurance now that I will never visit one.
I just don’t get them. Sitting around with your male counterparts enjoying a scotch staring at breasts or skimpily clad women. It really is just the upmarket view of the tradies all sitting around on milk crates out the back of the business at smoko eating a pie in their fluro vests talking and laughing about the chicks in the office and who they would fuck and who they wouldn’t.

There was an article in today’s Age about some clubs skirting the licensing fee. Good on the government for at least trying to legally shut them down.
And what of the women, do they enjoy being perved at all day?
Maybe, maybe not but it must pay alright if they continue to do it against whatever feminist principles they may have zooming around in their brains, if indeed they even subscribe to feminism…I don’t know?

It is a bizarre world peeps.


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