And furthermore…

At work, I am really no better than the tradies that I spoke of in the last article.
We, that being the forkies and maybe one of the other production guys will gather in the airlock at least once or twice a week to talk about who we would fuck and who’s hot and who’s not.

I genuinely consider it a waste of my time but I participate because I know if I was outed it would be a cruel existence being called a fag etc…
It is genuinely fucking crazy, the shit that comes out of our mouths but men do it. Maybe women crap on like this too I don’t know…that could be a question for my anonymous female blogger next week?

I do know that we as a species have a way to go yet before we are genuinely evolved in regards to sex though and again that is why it must come back to the young and sound sex education taught by teachers who have empathy and whom can relate to every boy or girls particular situation. Teach them the basics, ie: respect for the human body and indeed everyone’s body and I am sure we will have a much better society in the future.


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