Weird deeeeeep sexuality – Mac McLelland and PTSD

Check this out if you havent already…Its a story about a young woman who after working with a rape victim in Haiti staged a violent sex act to conquer her PTSD.
This blows my mind just trying to think how and what she might have been thinking and why she chose to be raped safely in order to get through the blockage in her mind.
A former partner did the honours apparently which is something I couldn’t do. I just couldn’t turn into an animal against someone whom I love or loved which if I might digress is why I haven’t been able to get into the girly’s interest of bondage and discipline etc.
Its just not me. I am truly a lover not a fighter.
It is a really radical solution to a problem and I wish her the best of luck and hope that she was able to conquer her fears but I do wonder if the method was correct?


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