The future of society and humanity.

Yes folks, IF we survive global warming which I think we will as the human species is incredibly resilient, a new society will emerge either during or sometime after this event.

Just so we are on the same page here, if the climate scientists are right and the seas do rise and the temps rise as well there will be a lot of deaths and the overall world population will decrease quite substantially, but…out of the ashes

Matriarchal society will be born and will be the norm.  Male power will have decreased to a point where female sexual power and associated general power will overcome the patriarchal society that functions now.

What is that going to do for sex….hmmm…maybe there will generally be less of it…maybe oral sex will stand out as a rule for relationships to keep the population down or maybe women will come to truly embrace the sex goddess in each of them and take charge of sex?  A pity I won’t be around to see and enjoy this phenomenon but hey such is life.

Yeah, I definitely think patriarchy is on the wane.  We still have a ways to go until women reach the midpoint on the great swinging arm of equality but when we do and I tell you we will the world is going to be so a different a place.

I read a series of books many years ago, the mars series by Kim Stanley Robinson which had a profound impact upon me as a person and has led me away from living as a patriarch instead I choose to live today somewhere in between where I am happy straddling both fences.

The matriarch in the books who escapes the first 100 to set up her own colony in the South Pole is an amazing character and is someone whom I could definitely live with using my size and weight and general male handiness to help her build our home.

I wish sometimes that there could be colonies like this on earth where peace and tranquillity reigns and where males know their place and behave with dignity and respect the females around them just as they are respected.

It truly would be a wonderful place to live and work and eat and have wonderful sex and see babies born who were planned as welcome additions to the overall family.

Yeah, I know, I am a fucking modern day hippy but I don’t care.

Go matriarchy!


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