At what age…?

I mentioned in my post about masturbation that I hoped females at 20 were totally in touch with their bodies as were males.

By that, I meant that I hoped they had experimented just as males do with their bodies and had found some answers or enough to keep them happy as they age.

But really, at what age did you start masturbating.  For me it was about 13 I think?

Do boys start it earlier than girls?

Because, in my experience the girls at my primary school were pretty interested in boy bits at 12 or 13.  I remember being at the Saturday football playing with Julie and her friend Kate and they wanted me to drop my pants so they could see my penis.  I could have so exploited that opportunity but I didn’t because at that stage I really didn’t understand the thought processes going on in mine and the girls brains.

Is it more of a physical thing for boys, or do girls touch themselves at that young age as well?

And at what age should we be telling our kids about sex and about their bits?

So many questions and not enough answers generally is what I get from this subject so I have decided to enlist the help of an anonymous female to help me answer some of the questions.  She is a pretty funny woman whom has a boy of 14 who is already exploiting the easy sexual atmosphere in their household telling his mother the other week as she tried to get him out of bed that he had an erection and thus couldn’t move.  Smart little bastard!

I hope she will make her appearance soon.


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