Another day, another sex scandal….

Ah men, when will we ever learn to control the manic electricity created when we choose to grow an erection?
It is fair to say at this point that a lot of men cant control the testosterone rush, me included partly.
I was fired from a government job because I was turned on by a female, did something stupid in pulling out Ferdy to show her proudly and realised too late that it wasn’t exactly my smartest move.
Women just ignore them these days I think, well most do anyway, that being the sexual excursions that men take themselves on when they choose to ignore reality and proceed on another small step for mankind.
Boys are just being boys must be the catch cry…well, I am over it.
We need to evolve men and do it soon because it is shitting me up the wall.
I love having a dangerous weapon in my pants but sometimes it is just a pain in the arse being a male.
But what to do?
I don’t have any answers, I just live with Ferdy and accommodate him whenever I can which I think keeps me fairly grounded but for other men there must be genuine problems with the rise that goes on in their pants and in their bloodstream?
Crazy stuff…!
I will leave this little foray for now to be revisited later.


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