Sleazy Fuckers – Will sexual harassment go away one day?

Updated in 2019 from an original post in 2011. Eight years and a bit of life experience is an amazing thing!

Hi folks,

The alleged sexual harassment behaviour carried out by an ex-David Jones boss (2011) just shows how far we have to go to get a society where women can dress as they like without men regularly tripping over their dicks, and harassing women as an output.

I will admit to once being of the opinion that women were in the wrong for dressing skimpily. Thankfully time, experience and a bit of thought have changed my mind.

Women can and should be able to dress how they please full stop.

What helped change my opinion was a unique work environment where women were outnumbered 12:1.

Observing and listening over the 18 odd months I worked there made it clear to me that men were the main source of the problem.

Fast forward to now with Mr Weinstein and many, many other examples backing up his behaviour over the last eight years and you should be able to join the dots and see why I feel men have to be the change if we are to see real change occur.

In the previous iteration of this this post I went on a rant about masturbation and sexuality but neither were the correct directions to push this post in.

Many things are slowly changing in this space across subjects such as gender, sexuality, equality and more.

They will all impact on sexual harassment – thankfully, and it will reduce in time I think.

Both genders will have to accept the changes the changes that come good and bad.

Men will lose more but they have held the greatest stake in the game since we started playing it so it.


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