I had been planning to write about this word for some time as it really shits me up the wall that MEN in the majority and also a lot of women still use this word to describe WOMEN primarily but also some men who have too much sex, have sex at the wrong time ie: breakup sex etc et fucking cetera, blah, blah blah.

But the GoodMenProject beat me too it and its not a bad article. Doesn’t really go for the jugular though so I may need to write an angry Clyde view eventually…hmmm?

Have a read and see what you think. It is way about time that this word was banished from the English language because it really doesn’t help anyone because its just not plain nice and I cant think of any other use for it so lets just fuck it off altogether and be done with it.


Sex workers/porn stars and condom use…

This is a good article about MEN I gather in the majority bucking the system by not using condoms. It is way about time that the porn industry especially made it mandatory across all forms of pornography that protection be used.

I cant talk here because I still go for cream-pie porn which I came across a few years back and still masturbate furiously over if I find some.
It is wrong I know it but fuck it makes me horny to see a woman filled up with a man’s seed.

This is why the industry must lead by example and push condom use so that all those men out there in wanker land get the idea and slowly catch on and then maybe one day we might lower significantly the communicable diseases and other bad stuff that gets passed from partner to partner during sex.

It is not good enough to put the emphasis on women to carry condoms….yes that is a small part of the solution but the main focus should be on educating males about condom use.

It is pretty much covered off in the sex worker community with the exception of a few brothels who want to run their own routine and offer a bareback service for men who pay a little more. Slowly but surely the law will catch up with them and shut them down I hope.

This is serious shit. We must educate kids growing up now about the use of protection if we are to make any ground on this issue that has been done to death and really needs fixing pronto.

I encourage everyone to talk about this please.


Article on Ex-FLDS member Warren Jeffs. What a tripper!

Updated, March 2020.

I am struggling to believe what I have just read.

I pretty much had made my mind up that most if not all people (mostly men…hint hint) in cults were a little loopy after the whole Waco shootout thing many years ago.

But this guy. He is on another fucking planet.

I could go on about it for another few paragraphs but that would be pointless as the article explains it so well.

Just put him away in the slammer for the rest of his days please and don’t waste anymore of our time.

The last thing I want to say is that I hope the women and children who come out of this bust learn to cope with the outside world and can move forward.

I really hope there will be enough support for them.

All the best to you and yours,


p.s. I think polygamy can work but I need more time to read and understand this other way of living and loving.

Watch this space.

Norhtwestern Uni and the live sex demo…

This is an oldie (March 2011) but it popped up again on twitter so I thought I would grasp it and write my thoughts down.
I am actually in favour of this sort of thing. It was conducted professionally with consenting adults in front of consenting students who chose to stay after class as they were interested in learning about BDSM.

As you will read, no one got up and left or complained when it was made clear that things would be getting graphic so yes, I fully support this sort of hands on education as a part of the whole learning process.

This is why I support better sex education in schools conducted at a young age through the high school years (sorry, don’t know the equivalent in the States?) which would teach young people very slowly about the human body and its sexual functions. Classes could still stay mixed up until a point but there would be some classes I think that would be better conducted by a teacher and an aide of the same sex as the students.

I honestly believe this type of education would have a flow-on effect in the wider community and I hope this would mean fewer assaults of a sexual nature and maybe even would change enough attitudes to lower rates of sexual harassment?

Tis genuinely food for thought…


Some men are disgraceful and really let us all down!

I have been reading the Age for the past half an hour and a bit and amongst the stories presented online there are a few that cut me quite deeply.

Firstly, there is the story about the 85 year old woman who was raped in broad daylight in Southern Cross Station by a 65 year old man. This guy is an absolute pig who deserves a shitload more than he will get which I gather will be a few years in jail. I am glad his wife has left him and his kids have disowned him as he is a fucking animal and deserves everything he gets in my very humble opinion.

Then there is the story of the woman who was indecently assaulted in Clifton Hill this morning. That could have turned out a lot worse but luckily neighbours intervened and thus the woman was given help quickly and the attacker fled.
Also as part of this story is an update on the attack on a woman in Brunswick in the early morning where the woman was cut and had her bag stolen. Police are still chasing him and I really hope they find the prick.

Then there is the Andrew Lovett case which whilst is now wound up with him being acquitted was a bloody shit-fight.  His lawyer needs a good crack around the head for asking questions of the victim in regards to what she was wearing and the possibility that she had it coming because she was dressed slutty on the night in question during the trial.  What the fuck?

Haven’t men learnt yet that women should be able to wear whatever they bloody well want and be safe from harm…in fact they should be able to parade around naked if they want and not be hassled in any manner but that is just silly (sorry, I got a little carried away there).
We really have a very long way to go until we have a society where women are the equals of men and can wear whatever they damn well want whether that be low cut or revealing and be safe and content walking the streets.

Has anyone else noted that there pretty much isn’t a day that goes by these days where a story about an assault or a rape or something along those lines is present in the papers and I wonder why women aren’t banding together more over these issues?
Men need to be put on notice that this sort of behaviour isn’t at all acceptable and has no place in a modern society.

I therefore ask all women who are reading this blog to talk with their friends about the state of society in regards to far too many reports of harm coming in full bloody stop (and hey, this is really only the tip of the iceberg.  I am sure there are many, many other reports that aren’t considered “news-worthy”).
Women seem to just endure and give men another chance when really they need to put their collective heads together and come up with a plan that moves things forward and which might see men generally speaking evolve a little.

The law is one method of putting a halt to this sort of stuff but jail in my humble opinion isn’t really a fix for this sort of problem.  Yeah it gets the offender off the streets but really does he or in the minority she come out of jail genuinely sorry for what they have  done and thus quickly make amends for their behaviour.  I would argue that isn’t the case and that jail isn’t really a solution.  It has potential to be a solution but that is going to take real investment from society and belief amongst all that the people who have done wrong can be rehabilitated completely and thus can come out of jail and resume a normal life and remain free of crime for the rest of their lives.

A little disclaimer: I have my issues with women as any reader of this blog will attest but those come to a dramatic halt when issues such as assault and rape and sexual harassment come into the picture.  I also wish it known that I too am a red blooded male who pervs at women and thinks sexual thoughts about them but I would never take action on these thoughts.  I respect women and love them full stop.

In completing this rant I want to say that I still wholeheartedly believe in better sexual education which teaches respect for all humans male or female and which hammers home at a young age that behaviour such as that mentioned above will not be tolerated in the slightest.
And it must be done in schools because parents all have different opinions in regards to sex and cannot be relied upon to teach their kids well about this sort of stuff.
Anyway, Clyde is now off the soapbox now but could return as he is a bit angry at the moment soon so watch this space.


Another great GoodMenProject article I need to share…
Thanks again to the GoodMenProject.

This is a beauty and highlights that parents need to be ready at anytime to talk to their kids about sex. It also highlights a sentence that might empower girls out a little in their thinking about sex. As for boys, more work needs to be done to get them to understand the power of their penis and how best to treat a girl/woman. This is again why I advocate sex education core learning in schools every year for a few weeks of a semester where kids gets to learn slowly about the other sex’s body and how to respect it rather than the current methodology which is a mix of about 20 different approaches, some OK but most not good in the long run for both sexes.

The current system is so hit and miss and too many kids are left in the dark about sex and it has got to change.


20 Ways to talk to your kids about sex this week.

From Becky Knights blog.

Again, I really like this and it is part of a solution for once from me instead of just raving on about how we need to improve sexual education. I still am strongly of the opinion that the core learning needs to be done at school and this stuff kinda fits well into that idea, ie: stuff that can be done at home. These are individual fringe ideas but they will help the individual child or children learn in time. Absorb please and pass on. Thanks to Becky.

  • Rub their back when you wake them up in the morning.
  • Turn up the music and dance!
  • Ask them “What’s the best part of being a girl/boy?”
  • Give them good eye contact.
  • Push them on a swing.
  • Ask them for a hug.
  • Go for a walk and hold their hand.
  • Teach them the names of all their body parts.
  • Encourage them to maintain good hygiene.
  • Ask them what their favorite smell is.
  • Talk about friendship and what qualities make for a good friend.
  • Have everyone in the family share what they like most about their body.
  • Pay attention to what kind of music they’re listening to. Ask them about it.
  • Daydream. Tell each other stories.
  • Play dress up.
  • When they ask you a question (i.e. “What is sexting?”), answer them. Give them a basic answer in terms they will understand.
  • Talk about all of the different kinds of families that you know.
  • Ask them if kids get called “gay” at school and what they think about that.
  • Have a tickle fight.
  • Tell them that you love them and think they are an incredible human being


Teen/adult sexting….

Just read in today’s Age that there are now 26 under 18’s who have been charged with taking and distributing under age porn and thus are now registered sex offenders. That is…they are now being watched just as pedophiles are.
What a fucking joke Victoria. Sort this out sooner rather than later so these young people can get on with their lives.

And again, I am on the soapbox. Sexual Education is shithouse in this country and desperately needs improvement/a total overhaul.
Adults, we need to start talking about this rather than carrying on about banning shit. Get over yourselves and raise it as conversation and maybe then we might actually be able to move out from under the rock which we currently call our sexual home in this country.


Excerpt from Married, with Infidelities highlighting sex columnist Dan Savage’s views on monogamy:

From Becky Knight’s blog Living Sexuality

“The mistake that straight people made,” Savage told me, “was imposing the monogamous expectation on men. Men were never expected to be monogamous. Men had concubines, mistresses and access to prostitutes, until everybody decided marriage had to be egalitar­ian and fairsey.” In the feminist revolution, rather than extending to women “the same latitude and license and pressure-release valve that men had always enjoyed,” we extended to men the confines women had always endured. “And it’s been a disaster for marriage.”

I think this is very well said.


Two sexual assaults in today’s Age…

Whilst perusing the online Age I noticed two links about sexual assaults that had happened recently.
I could go on and say that it’s only two so no big deal. But that is way wrong and is not how I feel at the moment and probably wont be my opinion ever. It is two too many.

I want a world where none of this shit occurs. Where women can walk the streets at night knowing they are safe. Where women can talk about sex with men just “in conversation” and not fear being raped or having to be extremely guarded about what they say and how they say it.

Yes I am a fucking idealist and I gather that we probably wont ever reach these lofty heights but hey, a bloke can dream cant he?

One of the stories was about an adult male who had impregnated an 11 year old girl and then tried to impersonate her father to sign her out of school so as to take her for an abortion. FUCK ME!!!
That is mind blowing and proves what men are capable of if indeed they decide to switch their societal values off temporarily and follow the head of their cock as a rule. He had the book thrown at him by the female judge, 10 years but eligible for parole after 7. It is a solution that gets him off the streets for now but will he come out of jail a new man?

I sincerely doubt it but for his sake I hope he can sort himself out. He has also been put on the sexual offenders register for life so if he re-offends he will bypass go and his 200 schmackers and possibly go back to jail very quickly.

I feel for the young girl though.  She is going to be completely fucked up in the head in regards to sex more than likely which will make it all that much harder for her to relax sexually with a man again.  She has a long tough life ahead of her in that respect even with numerous counseling and support options which have been made available for her.

Again, tis a crazy bloody world.



Ferdy is circumcised and I quite like him that way. But, I do wonder what it would be like to have a foreskin covering his head sometimes?
I read on Twitter this week via a link that apparently circumcised males enjoy sex more than those men not cut. I don’t really know about this one as when ones uncircumcised penis is erect surely the foreskin would be tight and not drooping over the head of the penis thus a similar feeling would be felt?

Of course I would know about these things if men talked about sex in a mature manner.

That will never happen unfortunately though because as I alluded to in my last post masculinity will always be the stopping point of interesting sexual discussion amongst men.
A damn pity that.


On homosexuality

I am always amazed to watch some of the guys at work do their little act about how revolting homosexuality is. They call gay people fags and homo’s and a whole swag of other names with expletives a plenty thrown in for good measure during their little rant. Makes you wonder who is really gay and who’s not?
One particular bloke just derogatorily craps on about gay people all day and I really wonder if he is a closet homosexual but I wont pry as that isn’t my way.
I wouldn’t be surprised though if I found out that their lovely woman at home has a strap-on that is used to pleasure the male during their sexual encounters occasionally.
I wish I had the strength to stand up to them and tell them that occasionally I masturbate about sucking another guy’s cock or taking a cock in the butt. I think it is natural to have a healthy sexual appetite that encompasses all forms of the erotic.
But that would be as I have stated in an earlier post, madness as I would be completely outed and with the grapevine at work would be the big news in regards to coming out or something along those lines.
So, I hold my tongue and play along when required to keep up the ruse.
Silly, but that is the way of masculinity in this day and age.