Why do men resort to rape?

I am no scientist in this area nor am I educated enough to offer a viewpoint that might actually explain it, but, what I do know is my gut feeling.
Good old gut feeling says that a male who hasn’t had any sex for a while and whom wanks far too much is a prime candidate for stepping over that imaginary line into problem sexuality territory.
I myself pull the pud a damn lot and have had fantasies about the neighbours 15 year old daughter but I am sensible enough to leave it at that, just a fantasy and orgasm full stop.
I would also argue that if you look back at the offender’s history, he probably had no sexual education to speak of, found porn at a very early age and then let his mind wander as to the possibilities that abound.
I would also argue that reform isn’t possible. He will do his time in jail and get out and after a while will slip back into old habits but this time will be sneakier about it.
What the fuck do, well that is one for the boffins. Maybe an ankle tag that restricts movement or something draconian like that but that may be what needs to be done.
Rape must be a completely and utterly horrible experience for a woman and the shit has got to stop as does sexual harassment and more so sexual assault.
It’s going to take some politicians with large cajones to raise such a bill for debate and my gut feeling is that it won’t happen so it will be up to women to do something. Maybe they could do what those women in Africa did and withhold sex until shit is straightened out.
Hmmm…food for thought.

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