Gen Y and Fellatio….

“Gen-Y women feel pressured to give oral sex, according to a new survey.
ORAL sex is now so commonplace among Generation Y women that many say they feel it’s expected of them.”

Well if there fucking mothers got of their fat arses and taught their lovely little daughters about the practice there wouldn’t be this pathetic little uproar.

And fathers, what the fuck are you doing…probably three fifths of fuck all as far as educating your boy about sex and how to treat a woman.

“Half the women aged 16 to 25 surveyed by Family Planning NSW said they had sometimes been pressured to give oral sex, and many reported that young men ”expect” to receive it.”

“”Most people I know that have oral sex only do it because everyone else does, and if you don’t, you’re frigid,” one 16-year-old girl told the researchers.”

“Another young woman, aged 25, said: ”When doing it for the first few times as a young teenager, you feel you must do it to impress the guy you like.””

“Despite this, the survey of 250 young women’s attitudes towards oral sex, published in the latest Youth Studies Australia journal, found that young women were overwhelmingly positive about oral sex – 82 per cent said they found it ”enjoyable and rewarding”.”
“The most common reason for having oral sex, according to the survey was: ”It feels good.””
“While some of the young women said the practice promoted intimacy, a quarter of those surveyed saw oral sex as a less intimate alternative to penetrative sex, for which they said ”they weren’t ready”.”

“A further 14 per cent considered oral sex safer than other forms of sex, because there was no risk of pregnancy and less risk of picking up a sexually transmitted disease.”

“The survey reinforced the findings of the latest national survey of secondary students by La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society. In 2008, 57 per cent of students said they’d had oral sex by the time they were in year 12.”

“But the Family Planning survey indicated that, contrary to popular belief, young women were not getting their information about oral sex from pornography or movies or television. Half of the young women polled (48 per cent) talked about oral sex with their friends, and roughly a third of them (32 per cent) learned about oral sex from magazines.”

Again, I ask you, where are the fucking parents, and why aren’t they educating their kids?

“A 2008 Senate inquiry into the sexualisation of children rejected calls to classify Girlfriend and Dolly as suitable for those 15 and older.
”It’s a big part of why teen magazines exist,” said Girlfriend magazine’s editor Sarah Cornish. ”To answer these questions.””

They only sell because parents are fucking useless when it comes to getting over their embarrassment and teaching their children about sex, masturbation and anything else they feel like passing on.

Is it ever going to change…I sometimes wonder if it ever will.

Grumpy Clyde has left the building.

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