Sexual Education in 2011….

I wonder if it has improved any?
Obviously the internet has added an extra dimension that’s both good and bad.
But parents, I wonder if they have generally gotten their shit together to explain it all a bit better?
And schools, do they have sex-ed classes anymore or is it just left up to the mum’s and dad’s, friends and associates to educate and inform?
What would I do if we had kids….hmmm?
I reckon there would obviously need to be a serious period of confidence building as far as body self image goes before any education was carried out as I know women especially have some genuine issues in this area.
I would definitely consider a demonstration of my parts to my kids with explanations on a whole range of issues. I wouldn’t be embarrassed and thus I hope the kids wouldn’t be overly so either.
I would ask the same of my wife or partner as well, probably done in private just to ease the pressure a bit.
With that done I would leave the rest up to the school if indeed they had a sexual education class but also leave the door open for any questions that the kids had about their bodies and about sex in general.
And, at what age do you start the education…probably the younger the better I would think.
That way the kids have time to think about it and digest it and as their bodies grow and mature and changes happen they will click and hopefully this will open the door for more questions etc.
Anyway, I will leave this post here. I think I have said enough to warrant the subject line.

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