On the soapbox again…

I am going to jump on the idealist soapbox again and state that I think women should pay a little more attention to men sexually instead of just throwing their collective heads in a shoe catalog and if this was the case I believe there would be a positive result as an outcome.
Think about it…young men currently get freedom to put their cocks wherever they want or at least they think they can do so. Maybe women should be the ones evening up the playing field and disabling this long held practice.
But how do we do it….how do we increase young women’s sexual confidence and inquisitiveness of the type that they exhibit at age 12 or 13 to the ripe old age of 18,19 and so on and so forth.
I want to see women playing the field, just as young men do. Taking lovers and generally putting an end to or at least putting a dirty great big stop sign in the way of overt masculinity.
I am not saying going back to the mad men days where women waited at home for their man and then did their wifely duty. We have to find some better middle ground in these new days where women are finally reaching and exceeding in a lot of areas their potential.

Women need to find some strength of character to ask men about their needs and to help them achieve them on a regular basis. It isn’t dirty nor should it be looked upon as a chore, it is just the sexual balance portion of our lives doing its part to help even further the gaining of equality for both sexes.
Imagine a situation where a woman would ask her man how he is feeling sexually and if he responds that he feels good then the woman could help him come. There are plenty of ways to do this and if it was done on a few days basis I think the love in the relationship would be incredibly strong and the wandering eyes of men would definitely decrease as a rule.
Anyway, there is a few thoughts that possibly sound like a pile of drivel but I believe in them and I hope sooner or later we can evolve to a point where some of these thoughts actually become commonplace in relationships.

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