Mis-matched sex drives, monogamy and polygamy…

What is the answer to in some cases the massive gulf of a mismatch in sexual drives in couples?

My partner once told me that a girlfriend she had used to wake up to her man out of bed on the floor giving it a good schlappin.
Wonder how that made her feel?

We continue to ignore this issue in the West instead reacting to the consequences via use of marriage or sexual councillor. By then unless the couple are genuinely committed to sorting out the problem and moving on or their time is usually up and the marriage or partnership dissolves.

In our case, I can remember being told by the sexual councillor that we went to see that it was my responsibility to teach her…WTF???
Consequently we didn’t go back for further sessions as I thought that fella was off his rocker.

The answer is simple but it won’t happen because as I have stated in previous posts mother’s neglect to tell their daughters about testosterone and thus if you catch a bloke such as me who has the shit pulsing through my veins the drama’s will rear their ugly head within a few years maximum.

I guess to highlight it, parents have such a strong role in this area but I wonder if out of embarrassment sexual health and sex drives etc are being adequately taught to kids.
Man, I can remember seeking out my cousin’s underwear to come in the crotch I was that horny at 13 or 14 or however old I was. Disgusting I know but hey that is where I was at and neither of my parents did fuck all to mitigate it. Not a word was said.

Anyway, enough of that. Let’s discuss polygamy, the little I know of it at least. Polygamy is the taking of multiple wives as I understand it.
As that show on SBS which I believe was called Big Love used to create, it too like monogamy had its fair share of problems as well.
For the few weeks that I watched it, there wasn’t one that would go by where one of the wives had a drama with another which is probably exaggerated for drama’s sake but I am sure that in real life cases there is a bit of that going on.

It seems to me to be a really complex solution to a problem that could be sorted out with a little education at an earlier age don’t you think?
I sincerely believe that women need to be educated about male sexuality and about how to control it which I think would lower the divorce rate over night.

I can remember my sex education class in about year 8….we were all so embarrassed and the teacher was barely struggling by. Why is this…surely in 2011 we can have a mature discussion on sex and masturbation and everything in between.
It has to be taught by the parents first and it has to be taught well with no embarrassment to be followed up at school by teachers who take the responsibility as one of the highest importance.

Maybe then, we would see a drop in unwanted pregnancies and 16 year old mums, rapes, sexual harassment and other associated problem sexuality.

Food for thought


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