Love Hotels Here In Australia?

Yes, I know I have blabbered on about how boring Australians are sexually and I still stand by those comments.

Why then, to break out of the mould even just a teensy bit cant we have love hotels in this country.

Just a room and bed and a shower at the bare minimum price that people could hire for a couple of hours to let of a bit of steam.

I am sure there are many office romances and sexual rendezvous that still happen. Wouldn’t it be great if they could take it to a safe hotel and have their fun and then go back to work etc?

We haven’t even got our own porn site of prominence in this country. There are a few small ones that are quite hard to find but generally speaking there isn’t any pornography that is uniquely Australian.
I did come across this site once, something like, I shot myself (Project ISM) or something like that which was done very professionally and had young Australian girls masturbating in all sorts of outdoor secret spots. It was very beautiful because it didn’t just show genetalia and tits, the camera shots were really quite subtle and their bodies were only revealed briefly.

It is still around and charges a bit but from the few demo videos I downloaded I would probably put it in my top three pornographic sites.

Anyway, that is enough time on the soapbox. Blokes if you are reading this, go buy your lady some flowers and chocolates and tell her you love her….a simple gesture that will go a long way.

Women if you are reading this hop into the shower with him and soap up his cock and toss him off.

He will think the world of that and you will brace up the relationship by doing so.

And that’s me for now,

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