Those days in the brothel(s)….

Updated – December 2020 as originally published in June 2011.  Only a basic flick over being done as I want to hang onto where my head was at in writing this back then which was a pretty rough place in the brain space area.

Hi all,

Yep, that was me, just like so many men, I found my way into many houses of ill-repute (fucked if I know why they are called that), those women have more strength of character than a random handful pulled from a shopping mall.

Anyway, I got to visiting these places for a half an hour, three-quarters of an hour and even booked once for an hour and a half.

They were all good women although some just had dollar signs in their eyes which I completely understand.  A couple I would have definitely gone back for, one in particular, a young woman in Richmond whom I had a half an hour booking with was wonderful. We actually got as close to making love as a prostitute and her client could.

Another young lady from a brothel in Seaford was entirely the opposite and from the first minute of entering the room after I had showered and rinsed my mouth started with the rules according to her.  I can’t remember them all but mid way through the encounter I just got up, put my clothes on and went out to see the madam.  A complaint was made and I got back half of what I had paid. I don’t think that young lady had much of a future in the business.

There was a book written by a lady that is floating around the house somewhere and I do believe the conclusion is that men are to blame for the business of prostitution.
I may be wrong in making the above comment and if so apologize in advance but for fuck sake, sex is a two way street and for mine taking into account the experiences I have had sexually since I first found my way, women need to take a share of the blame also.

As I have said above, if women took just a little more interest in their partners chemical makeup and how the different sexual brain chemicals react with each other and what the outcomes are I think we would have a slightly better balanced society sexually which could lead to all sorts of other wins in areas that I can’t even imagine.

Men also need to grow up in this area and as to what the answer is there, I am not too sure but fathers definitely need to play a big part. Most men aren’t in my very humble opinion sexually mature until approximately 25 years of age, some earlier, some later…me, well I think I finally clicked at about 27.

Women on the other hand are endowed with the genetics to reproduce at a much earlier age although in my experience don’t necessarily run around chasing sex which I gather is due to estrogen overload and a lack of testosterone. I don’t know much about this so if there are any females out there who want to contribute their experience of the sexual minefields then please do so.

And yes folks yet another crazy bloody post for you all to read and go WTF planet is this guy from…!!!
Nah, seriously, lets discuss issues and hopefully find some answers firstly to problem sexuality. We are on the right road with sexual harassment but more needs to be done and the sooner it is the better off we are all going to be.

Having said this, men need some education pronto in regards to the new way ahead for society and I guess the only way that is going to happen is via punishments doled out for serious offences. Sad but unfortunately true because most dads have their heads in the sand IRT their sons sexual maturity.

We go on…

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