Australians And Sexuality.

Generally speaking, my perception of Australia and sexuality is of a country of very guarded people.

We certainly aren’t a Germany or even an England who seem to have stronger desires in this area of life.

It shits me that it is this way because so many kids are left in the dark to fend for themselves (case in point point my experience) and from this come unwanted pregnancies and later on possibly this is a factor in sexual assaults, rapes and other stuff that I consider to be problem sexuality.

If we would just lighten up a little and share and educate maybe we would be a better country for it?

I have always thought there was to much testosterone of the bad kind kicking around in society that could potentially be mitigated somewhat by some education on sexuality.

That may seem an idealist’s point of view and I actually agree that it is a bit.

But I dare to dream and as much as I see fucked up shit occurring as reported by our ever reliable pessimistic media on a daily basis, I genuinely hope for a better human being one day.

Maybe I think too much.


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