The Start Of Proceedings.

Lets call her Julie. Julie and her friends hit me up a few weeks into joining the new school with a note in my bag from memory stating that I was hot or words to that effect.

My mate Scotty thought this was a hoot and thus we took too riding over to Julie’s place after school to make out. Me with Jules and him with Bec.

I remember vividly my first touch of female genitalia, how hot it was and how when I put my finger inside wet it was.

Please remember that I was doing all this purely from a genetic need to pass on my seed. My father hadn’t said shit about sex even to the point that when I missed footy training to rub naughty bits with Julie nothing was said either.

Yeah, it blows my mind that I was able to navigate my way around her body with no knowledge whatsoever and I will take this opportunity to apologise to Julie because it must have been fairly fucking rough….tits…yeah they are alright, wow the nipples become erect….hey lets head this way….whooo, getting warmer, she has opened her legs a touch, must be heading in the right direction….!

Ah, those heady days. I had no fucking idea.

Kinda glad though that we didn’t have sex because a buck makes ten (thanks Reacher) I would have gotten her pregnant. I remember that session well because we had migrated from the couch to her bed which had this weird concaved shaped mattress. We both had our pants down around our knees and she had hold of Ferdy (His Royal Highness), but I took control and tried to put him in. I couldn’t find the entrance even though a minute before had a confirmed touch wired to my brain at lightspeed.

I look back upon that experience and thank my lucky stars because if we had started shagging we wouldn’t have stopped until a bun was in the oven.

What a weird life…


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