Why do men resort to rape?

I am no scientist in this area nor am I educated enough to offer a viewpoint that might actually explain it, but, what I do know is my gut feeling.
Good old gut feeling says that a male who hasn’t had any sex for a while and whom wanks far too much is a prime candidate for stepping over that imaginary line into problem sexuality territory.
I myself pull the pud a damn lot and have had fantasies about the neighbours 15 year old daughter but I am sensible enough to leave it at that, just a fantasy and orgasm full stop.
I would also argue that if you look back at the offender’s history, he probably had no sexual education to speak of, found porn at a very early age and then let his mind wander as to the possibilities that abound.
I would also argue that reform isn’t possible. He will do his time in jail and get out and after a while will slip back into old habits but this time will be sneakier about it.
What the fuck do, well that is one for the boffins. Maybe an ankle tag that restricts movement or something draconian like that but that may be what needs to be done.
Rape must be a completely and utterly horrible experience for a woman and the shit has got to stop as does sexual harassment and more so sexual assault.
It’s going to take some politicians with large cajones to raise such a bill for debate and my gut feeling is that it won’t happen so it will be up to women to do something. Maybe they could do what those women in Africa did and withhold sex until shit is straightened out.
Hmmm…food for thought.

Gen Y and Fellatio….

“Gen-Y women feel pressured to give oral sex, according to a new survey.
ORAL sex is now so commonplace among Generation Y women that many say they feel it’s expected of them.”

Well if there fucking mothers got of their fat arses and taught their lovely little daughters about the practice there wouldn’t be this pathetic little uproar.

And fathers, what the fuck are you doing…probably three fifths of fuck all as far as educating your boy about sex and how to treat a woman.

“Half the women aged 16 to 25 surveyed by Family Planning NSW said they had sometimes been pressured to give oral sex, and many reported that young men ”expect” to receive it.”

“”Most people I know that have oral sex only do it because everyone else does, and if you don’t, you’re frigid,” one 16-year-old girl told the researchers.”

“Another young woman, aged 25, said: ”When doing it for the first few times as a young teenager, you feel you must do it to impress the guy you like.””

“Despite this, the survey of 250 young women’s attitudes towards oral sex, published in the latest Youth Studies Australia journal, found that young women were overwhelmingly positive about oral sex – 82 per cent said they found it ”enjoyable and rewarding”.”
“The most common reason for having oral sex, according to the survey was: ”It feels good.””
“While some of the young women said the practice promoted intimacy, a quarter of those surveyed saw oral sex as a less intimate alternative to penetrative sex, for which they said ”they weren’t ready”.”

“A further 14 per cent considered oral sex safer than other forms of sex, because there was no risk of pregnancy and less risk of picking up a sexually transmitted disease.”

“The survey reinforced the findings of the latest national survey of secondary students by La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society. In 2008, 57 per cent of students said they’d had oral sex by the time they were in year 12.”

“But the Family Planning survey indicated that, contrary to popular belief, young women were not getting their information about oral sex from pornography or movies or television. Half of the young women polled (48 per cent) talked about oral sex with their friends, and roughly a third of them (32 per cent) learned about oral sex from magazines.”

Again, I ask you, where are the fucking parents, and why aren’t they educating their kids?

“A 2008 Senate inquiry into the sexualisation of children rejected calls to classify Girlfriend and Dolly as suitable for those 15 and older.
”It’s a big part of why teen magazines exist,” said Girlfriend magazine’s editor Sarah Cornish. ”To answer these questions.””

They only sell because parents are fucking useless when it comes to getting over their embarrassment and teaching their children about sex, masturbation and anything else they feel like passing on.

Is it ever going to change…I sometimes wonder if it ever will.

Grumpy Clyde has left the building.

On the soapbox again…

I am going to jump on the idealist soapbox again and state that I think women should pay a little more attention to men sexually instead of just throwing their collective heads in a shoe catalog and if this was the case I believe there would be a positive result as an outcome.
Think about it…young men currently get freedom to put their cocks wherever they want or at least they think they can do so. Maybe women should be the ones evening up the playing field and disabling this long held practice.
But how do we do it….how do we increase young women’s sexual confidence and inquisitiveness of the type that they exhibit at age 12 or 13 to the ripe old age of 18,19 and so on and so forth.
I want to see women playing the field, just as young men do. Taking lovers and generally putting an end to or at least putting a dirty great big stop sign in the way of overt masculinity.
I am not saying going back to the mad men days where women waited at home for their man and then did their wifely duty. We have to find some better middle ground in these new days where women are finally reaching and exceeding in a lot of areas their potential.

Women need to find some strength of character to ask men about their needs and to help them achieve them on a regular basis. It isn’t dirty nor should it be looked upon as a chore, it is just the sexual balance portion of our lives doing its part to help even further the gaining of equality for both sexes.
Imagine a situation where a woman would ask her man how he is feeling sexually and if he responds that he feels good then the woman could help him come. There are plenty of ways to do this and if it was done on a few days basis I think the love in the relationship would be incredibly strong and the wandering eyes of men would definitely decrease as a rule.
Anyway, there is a few thoughts that possibly sound like a pile of drivel but I believe in them and I hope sooner or later we can evolve to a point where some of these thoughts actually become commonplace in relationships.

Sexual Education in 2011….

I wonder if it has improved any?
Obviously the internet has added an extra dimension that’s both good and bad.
But parents, I wonder if they have generally gotten their shit together to explain it all a bit better?
And schools, do they have sex-ed classes anymore or is it just left up to the mum’s and dad’s, friends and associates to educate and inform?
What would I do if we had kids….hmmm?
I reckon there would obviously need to be a serious period of confidence building as far as body self image goes before any education was carried out as I know women especially have some genuine issues in this area.
I would definitely consider a demonstration of my parts to my kids with explanations on a whole range of issues. I wouldn’t be embarrassed and thus I hope the kids wouldn’t be overly so either.
I would ask the same of my wife or partner as well, probably done in private just to ease the pressure a bit.
With that done I would leave the rest up to the school if indeed they had a sexual education class but also leave the door open for any questions that the kids had about their bodies and about sex in general.
And, at what age do you start the education…probably the younger the better I would think.
That way the kids have time to think about it and digest it and as their bodies grow and mature and changes happen they will click and hopefully this will open the door for more questions etc.
Anyway, I will leave this post here. I think I have said enough to warrant the subject line.

Mis-matched sex drives, monogamy and polygamy…

What is the answer to in some cases the massive gulf of a mismatch in sexual drives in couples?

My partner once told me that a girlfriend she had used to wake up to her man out of bed on the floor giving it a good schlappin.
Wonder how that made her feel?

We continue to ignore this issue in the West instead reacting to the consequences via use of marriage or sexual councillor. By then unless the couple are genuinely committed to sorting out the problem and moving on or their time is usually up and the marriage or partnership dissolves.

In our case, I can remember being told by the sexual councillor that we went to see that it was my responsibility to teach her…WTF???
Consequently we didn’t go back for further sessions as I thought that fella was off his rocker.

The answer is simple but it won’t happen because as I have stated in previous posts mother’s neglect to tell their daughters about testosterone and thus if you catch a bloke such as me who has the shit pulsing through my veins the drama’s will rear their ugly head within a few years maximum.

I guess to highlight it, parents have such a strong role in this area but I wonder if out of embarrassment sexual health and sex drives etc are being adequately taught to kids.
Man, I can remember seeking out my cousin’s underwear to come in the crotch I was that horny at 13 or 14 or however old I was. Disgusting I know but hey that is where I was at and neither of my parents did fuck all to mitigate it. Not a word was said.

Anyway, enough of that. Let’s discuss polygamy, the little I know of it at least. Polygamy is the taking of multiple wives as I understand it.
As that show on SBS which I believe was called Big Love used to create, it too like monogamy had its fair share of problems as well.
For the few weeks that I watched it, there wasn’t one that would go by where one of the wives had a drama with another which is probably exaggerated for drama’s sake but I am sure that in real life cases there is a bit of that going on.

It seems to me to be a really complex solution to a problem that could be sorted out with a little education at an earlier age don’t you think?
I sincerely believe that women need to be educated about male sexuality and about how to control it which I think would lower the divorce rate over night.

I can remember my sex education class in about year 8….we were all so embarrassed and the teacher was barely struggling by. Why is this…surely in 2011 we can have a mature discussion on sex and masturbation and everything in between.
It has to be taught by the parents first and it has to be taught well with no embarrassment to be followed up at school by teachers who take the responsibility as one of the highest importance.

Maybe then, we would see a drop in unwanted pregnancies and 16 year old mums, rapes, sexual harassment and other associated problem sexuality.

Food for thought


Love Hotels Here In Australia?

Yes, I know I have blabbered on about how boring Australians are sexually and I still stand by those comments.

Why then, to break out of the mould even just a teensy bit cant we have love hotels in this country.

Just a room and bed and a shower at the bare minimum price that people could hire for a couple of hours to let of a bit of steam.

I am sure there are many office romances and sexual rendezvous that still happen. Wouldn’t it be great if they could take it to a safe hotel and have their fun and then go back to work etc?

We haven’t even got our own porn site of prominence in this country. There are a few small ones that are quite hard to find but generally speaking there isn’t any pornography that is uniquely Australian.
I did come across this site once, something like, I shot myself (Project ISM) or something like that which was done very professionally and had young Australian girls masturbating in all sorts of outdoor secret spots. It was very beautiful because it didn’t just show genetalia and tits, the camera shots were really quite subtle and their bodies were only revealed briefly.

It is still around and charges a bit but from the few demo videos I downloaded I would probably put it in my top three pornographic sites.

Anyway, that is enough time on the soapbox. Blokes if you are reading this, go buy your lady some flowers and chocolates and tell her you love her….a simple gesture that will go a long way.

Women if you are reading this hop into the shower with him and soap up his cock and toss him off.

He will think the world of that and you will brace up the relationship by doing so.

And that’s me for now,

The Private Sex Party.

Been there done that. We are now officially swingers.

And, to be honest it wasn’t all that exiting. Here’s a rundown of events.

First up, the phone call, answered by a female who stated that I was welcome to come but it would cost me $100. If however I came with my partner or another woman I would be let in for free. Keh?

So, I broached the issue with the girly and she agreed with no real protest at all. She was nervous as was I but exited in that crazy way.

We followed the directions to a house deep in suburban Melbourne, parked, noted only a few more cars and wondered what the fuck we were just about to do.

Anyway, we summoned the courage and and made our way to the door where we were let in by a fierce looking gentleman, the kind who wouldn’t mind giving you a slap around the tickler if you gave him some lip.

Almost immediately the sound of moans and groans were heard but they sounded fake so it was determined and proven a few seconds later that the big screen was in operation with some crappy Hollywood porn showing.

Around the room were a few couches where a few other people sat looking as nervous as we were so we decided to follow suit and sit and be nervous as well watching shitty porn and not at all getting turned on.

Our hostess came in and welcomed us and offered us a tour of the house.
Room one, mattress on the floor, no one testing it out as yet, room two another mattress and again no one testing it out either. A bathroom and a toilet.

On the way back through we came across the kitchen where I gathered the hard core swingers stood, cooked and talked.
The women were dressed in lacy things and of a size that did absolutely fuck all for Ferdinand. I am sure the girly looked at the potential in the men gathered around and went “ah…there aint no fucking way you will be getting lucky tonight fellas”.

There was one young couple like us who arrived and I initially thought they were vice and was waiting to be arrested. They stayed for about 15 minutes and left and that was that…we were left with the dregs.

We once again resumed our place on the couch and minimal to no conversation was entered into or received by the other people seated so after about a half an hour the girly leant over and said, I don’t want to be here, let’s go.

My initial thoughts were that I was going to miss out on an opportunity for some sex but about 3 seconds into that thought process I remembered what I would be fucking and understood and agreed with her summation of the night.

We exited the place at quite a speed not looking back and agreeing that it was a complete and utter fucking failure which would not be spoken of again.

Anyway, as shit goes especially when my grey matter is called into question I got the urge to try it all again about 4 months later.
I went through the same process this time handing over 100 readies and sitting on the couch next to a 45ish year old woman who had no beauty left in her whatsoever but eh…a shag is a shag.

After about 30 minutes watching the shitty porn I hit her up and asked if she wanted to adjourn to a room. She said…”what took you so long”.

See what I mean about women not meeting men in the middle of the bridge in regards to sex.

We walked down to room two and got our gear off. She wasn’t much to look at and quickly laid down on her back. I tried to kiss her on the mouth to which she got cranky and said that she didn’t do that at these sort of parties.

I was able to kiss the rest of her with the exception again of her pussy which she said she didn’t like either so hey….what else was there to do but schtick it in!

Ferdinand was semi-hard so I did the cock ring thing at the base to push the blood to the tip to give me some purchase and in I went. Almost immediately the woman started moaning and lecturing me on how amazing her pussy was….I am like….WTF?
This went on for about 10 minutes with her repeating the mantra just in case I hadn’t heard it before that her pussy muscles were exceptional and that they would drain me in a matter of minutes.

A matter of minutes came and went…she wasn’t at all wet in the highly aroused female wet type of way so I just slogged on. After about 10 minutes of thrusting and watching a bloke beat off to my right I got the shits with the sermon, pulled out, said, she is all yours buddy, put my jeans back on and walked the fuck out the door.

That was the end of my swinging days.

I haven’t done anything like it since and am unlikely to do it again unless;

1. I get let in for free…equality is a two way street.
2. The party has some really good reviews and attracts people of all ages.
3. I don’t get lectured by a partner on the power of her genitalia.


Australians And Sexuality.

Generally speaking, my perception of Australia and sexuality is of a country of very guarded people.

We certainly aren’t a Germany or even an England who seem to have stronger desires in this area of life.

It shits me that it is this way because so many kids are left in the dark to fend for themselves (case in point point my experience) and from this come unwanted pregnancies and later on possibly this is a factor in sexual assaults, rapes and other stuff that I consider to be problem sexuality.

If we would just lighten up a little and share and educate maybe we would be a better country for it?

I have always thought there was to much testosterone of the bad kind kicking around in society that could potentially be mitigated somewhat by some education on sexuality.

That may seem an idealist’s point of view and I actually agree that it is a bit.

But I dare to dream and as much as I see fucked up shit occurring as reported by our ever reliable pessimistic media on a daily basis, I genuinely hope for a better human being one day.

Maybe I think too much.


The Start Of Proceedings.

Lets call her Julie. Julie and her friends hit me up a few weeks into joining the new school with a note in my bag from memory stating that I was hot or words to that effect.

My mate Scotty thought this was a hoot and thus we took too riding over to Julie’s place after school to make out. Me with Jules and him with Bec.

I remember vividly my first touch of female genitalia, how hot it was and how when I put my finger inside wet it was.

Please remember that I was doing all this purely from a genetic need to pass on my seed. My father hadn’t said shit about sex even to the point that when I missed footy training to rub naughty bits with Julie nothing was said either.

Yeah, it blows my mind that I was able to navigate my way around her body with no knowledge whatsoever and I will take this opportunity to apologise to Julie because it must have been fairly fucking rough….tits…yeah they are alright, wow the nipples become erect….hey lets head this way….whooo, getting warmer, she has opened her legs a touch, must be heading in the right direction….!

Ah, those heady days. I had no fucking idea.

Kinda glad though that we didn’t have sex because a buck makes ten (thanks Reacher) I would have gotten her pregnant. I remember that session well because we had migrated from the couch to her bed which had this weird concaved shaped mattress. We both had our pants down around our knees and she had hold of Ferdy (His Royal Highness), but I took control and tried to put him in. I couldn’t find the entrance even though a minute before had a confirmed touch wired to my brain at lightspeed.

I look back upon that experience and thank my lucky stars because if we had started shagging we wouldn’t have stopped until a bun was in the oven.

What a weird life…